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Thursday, New Gotham, the Clocktower
headtiltyhug, BarbaraHelenaDinah
The hospital had released Priestly on Tuesday, and after some discussion, wound up at the Clocktower, where Alfred was happy to make meals and check on meds, and Dinah was happy to distract him.

Barbara didn't mind, and Helena was having a good time following the #SentienceSaves tweets and showing them to Priestly.

And Dinah had just gotten her results from last week's P.I. Licensing exam.

[ooc: for Priestly, and anyone who wants to drop in, call, text, or Skype. :> ]

New Gotham, Friday
Dinah's life lately: Eat, sleep, work, school, work, school, snack, punch out bad guys, sleep. Rinse, repeat.

With breaks over the last week and a half for talking to Momoko, a Priestly text that took two days before he responded, some Warren texting, a Karla call that wound up with an invite to Fandom over the weekend, and then a Priestly head's up that kind of redefined Awkward.

If she could make her life one level more busy in order to distract herself, she would. Date some. Hang out at the Dark Horse and annoy Helena. Find a guy, kiss a guy, flirt with a guy. But portal-hopping on the weekend meant no goofing around during the week.

29 days 'til Graduation.

[ooc: establishy/catch-up, but open for phone calls/texts if you really want to.]

Glacia Summer War links re-linked now

A good-bye see-ya-later au-revoir kiss in Star City May 9

Karla forms her Court. Dinah does not get a contract. But she does get bling! May 13
Catch-up phone call with Jaime right after

Momoko & Dinah visit Priestly & Dean May 19

The Army is formed. May 23

Meet your troops! May 26


Dinah is not a believable Queen: somewhere in Glacia. June 2

Priestly's first hunt. By Twitter. June 8

First attack June 9
Funeral for Lief & Joakim June 13

Visit to Fandom - Future Reunion - June 15 weekend
A funny thing happened on the way back to camp... Or, Lost in Glacia with Jono and Momoko June 17

Still on the road: Glacia. June 18

Phone meeting of the Jaime & Momoko 'Shipper Club (Priestly & Dinah outlet)

First Battle, outside Feyta's City June 22
Back on the Glacian Road June 24

Parade of Mocking, inside Sidra June 27
Dinner and a Fire June 27
Calling Priestly the next day June 28

Your Ex is Moving to Texas, Jaime. Don't Freak Out.


Happy Birthday, Momoko. Have a cupcake in camp. July 1

Priestly's 2nd Hunt. And scaring the crap out of Dinah via voicemail.
And then there is scolding via cellphone. July 5

OMWF Priestly calling Dinah. July 12

Visiting Texas July 13
Visiting New Gotham July 14

Momoko, Dinah, and Raven free the prisoners of the forest July 21

Council of War, Glacia's Autumn July 23

Momoko can't find her Immigration papers. Dinah is experiencing Fandom weirdness. July 27
Encounters in the Perk: So Much Crazy.
Fandom BDE - Fangirls, Jak, and weirdness (Wrap-up of crazy with Priestly here) July 26-28


Kidnapping back Riesa with the Sneaky Seven August 6

Hijacking the highwaymen with the Sneaky Seven August 12
After-Action Report to Priestly. August 13

On the road with Karla's CommandosAugust 18
Weekly Report, and News of Massacre from Karla August 18

Arundal, rescuing the kidnapped girls, and Denys's death August 19
Reporting in to Karla August 20 or so
Talking to Priestly about it August 21 or so

Finding the abandoned villages August 25

Summoned to Yllestad August 29
Tasked to evacuate Kundersom August 29

Evacuation, wolves, slog to Taiga August 30
War Council August 30
Post-Yllestad Clean-up, with sparring
Texting Priestly August 30
Talking to Jono August 30

Back in Fandom: Checking on Jono at the Welcome Picnic
Arrival at Luke's, Saturday August 31


Running into Sparkle at Demon Marcus September 1
Nightmares with Priestly, Sunday night September 1/2
Talking to Jono at the Boards September 2

On the road, with genderswapping September 14
... and the Dance of No Contract September 16

On the road, and by the way, Ulrich is half-Blood September 24

Fire & riot in Enberch September 28


On the road to Sidra October 4

Re-entry into Sidra, with delays October 12
Ludmilla's (and Hobart's) trial and sentencing; Dinah's complete meltdown October 13

Talking to Momoko from Santa Cruz October 16

The Clocktower, New Gotham, Tuesday morning, stupid o'clock AM
Dinah awoke to a pounding head, fuzzy tongue, and the creeping sensation of having done some stuff she might already regret.

Also the wish never to move again.

Strewn across her bed were many, many many flowers. She frowned. Tried to figure out where those came from.

Momoko was nowhere to be seen. Rolling over. She saw a glass of water with a sticky note taped to it, and two aspirin. The sticky note said:

1) You're so going to regret last night
2) You have class at 1pm
3) You're welcome!



Picking up her Blackberry, she texted Momoko: U OK? Where are you? WHy are there fLOwrs on My bed? Why do I have a bad feeling?

[ooc: For the other recovering crimefighter, and open for phone calls and texts for the so so so hungover crimefighter.]

Room 312, Saturday evening
ibook, examination
After about a three-hour shower (well, it felt like it, anyway) Dinah was finally de-chocolated, and feeling human and not like a Creature from the Chocolate Gloop any more. She had the door open, and music on, waiting for Priestly to stop by so they could talk, and Camille frolicking with a catnip mouse on her bed. And found stuff out.Collapse )

[expecting one, but open if you want to stop by; all IC informational searches done with approval & encouragement of the real BB.

Contents of conversation with Priestly are NFB. ]

wind in hair
waking up with Priestly and getting teased by Azula.
training with Azula.
Karla's party.

Friday Dormjumping and a kiss with Jak, a chat with Jaime, a talk with Triela, teasing with Tony, cross-examination and bruising with Priestly, talk with Claire, and tea with Hoshi.
talking with Francine.
shopping at Spider's.
Sunday spar with Kyle.

Salle w/Arthur.
previous week with Arthur in the salle
previous previous week, with Arthur and Merlin; plus discussion of 'magic protection' with Tony
Monday Lunch w/Jak!

Dancing w/Eleanor in class

Magic Reserves with Giant Gummy Insects.
Rehearsal with Sam and Karla.

Week *after* Sex pollen
Salle with Arthur, and talk of death; apologizing to Romeo; hugging Zack; talking with Karla

Sparring with Romeo

Talk of Anakin with Tahiri

Apologizing to Claudia

Phone call with Reno about plants, Zack, life

Oh-so-inconspicuous costuming with Francine

Chat with Leto on many things
Weights and basketball with Hurley

Fire alarm, with mudfight with Anemone, talking/practicing with Karla, chat with Jess

Room 312 - Friday afternoon
runningkitteh!, Camille, Dinahkitteh
Dinah was sadly looking at the denuded music shelves-- Chad was selling it off! Chad was leaving! -- in her room, door open, playing chase-the-ribbon with Camille and contemplating what next week would be like after her Roomie was really gone. Glooooom. The play had gone great this week, salle practice with Arthur, Ben and Tahiri, then Tahiri and Leto later had gone fine, flying with Peter had been awesome, and getting drunk had been fun... and hadn't left her with too much of a hangover. Ice cream with Viki had helped.

Kitten distraction was still needed, though.

[ooc: open! Expecting one, but open before and after.]

Room 312, Sunday morning
Pool cue
For a week without monsters or various magic since Monday, it'd still had its fair share of weird. Talks with Merlin and Cal being the weirdest. Talking with Leto hadn't been un-weird either. Or signing up for whatever team Arthur was putting together. Still, Blysse-- no, Firekeeper-- was back, and seeing Simon yesterday had been nice.

Dinah was just hoping the next wave of weird could hold off until after Finals and her birthday, thanks.

Concentrating on the crime scene investigation course Barbara had set up for her, she left the door open and the music on, while Camille prowled through her stuff. Never mind a phone call or two to people to come distract her.

[ooc: open door is open!]

Room 312, Thursday late afternoon
After her spar with Tahiri, Dinah wound up with enough bruises and aches to need a break, and watching the episode of Darkest Night that she'd missed last night seemed like a good idea. Lying on her bed, she cued up the website on her laptop, and promptly started laughing four minutes into the ep.

"Oh, c'mon! He's just a big puppy!"

The door is open, and Dinah is giggly.

[and so is the post!]