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Entries by tag: chad the roomie

Smile-Time Cabin Living Room, Monday evening
Time for The Chad Show!

Dinah had popcorn and a sugar-buddy, who also had his own popcorn. And she had soda and drinks for her cabin-mates, if they wanted to join in, and phone at the ready.

"So yeah, my necklace turned into a clone of my sister. But nowhere near like your Uniform."

[for puppy_fair, the cabinmates, and friends who cheer on Chad!]

Smile Time Cabin, Monday evening, SYWTBTNNTM airing time
Dinah had had a good time in New Gotham, punctuated by some Serious Talks with Helena. But now was not the time to think about that.

Popcorn? Check. Drinks? Check. Socks if needed? Check. Phone in case of need to call for poll? Check. TV remote bogarted and hoarded and will not be given up? Check.

It's time for So You Want To Be the Nation's Next Top Model, or as Dinah liked to call it, The Chad Show.

[ooc: open for cabin-mates, and friends of Dinah's she's likely called to invite and squee about this with. GO CHAD!]

More Roomie time
Dinner won from the auction, 3/29

Post Fight-Club hang-out

Hanging around. 1/29

Hanging out with Chad and Prince Oscar Pedro

Room 312 - Monday late afternoon/evening
Someone has a package from Amazon.com. Someone's left a message for a fellow recipient to pick up her books!

Someone is now paging through Amber Tears and blinking a lot.

[ooc: for thatsamilkshake but open for anyone else too]

Room 312 - kinda late on Sunday night
MiniDinah, MiniDinahballoon, MiniDinahTeddy
A long day of 'venturing, cartoon-watching with friends, making shakes with Tony the awesome babysitter, killing balloons, and playing in a ball-pit with mohawked best friends and mean boys... and Dinah was still awake.

Camille was meowing a little in distress as she was cuddled. Cuddled a lot!

[ooc: for the big Roomie]

Room 312, Thursday morning, earlier than it should be
Pool cue


Hey, kid. What've you been up to? And why are you still in bed?Collapse )

[ooc: will be a linkdrop, and is the answer to #60 on this week's prompt: how close is your character's relationship with their family?

And sleepy post is open.]

Spring Break 2009
Pool cue
Swimming w/Edward

Beach w/Hurley
Grace & Principal Winchester

Dirtbiking with Adora

Scuba w/ Priestly

Drinking w/Angry Blonde

Drinking only water with Eric

Lois from Metropolis!
Dancing with Ronan by telepathy
Saving Jen from her computer
Saved by Tony

Work out w/Arthur

Beach w/Merlin Monday

Arthur again

Gambling with the totally sober Roomie

Witnessing a wedding (almost)
Drinking only water with Triela

Talking with Edward by the pool
Recently married Angela

Room 312, Sunday afternoon
Dinah had picked up Camille at the kennel, and was now making up for lost time playing with her.

Her door was just slightly open, but the music could probably be heard down the hall.

The wind was a torrent of darkness
among the ghastly trees
the moon was a ghostly galleon
tossed upon the cloudy seas

[open for one first, then open after -- Contents of Merlin conversation are now NFB, okay to mention Merlin was there.]

Suite 21, evening ( I Never, open post)
Dinah had tuned the tuner on the stereo system to the shipwide music station, and was now settled in the couch in the suite with a bottle of champagne and a glass. Because she'd promised herself she'd try that. Plus, she was pretty sure she was going to win this game.

"So we just go down a list of stuff we've never done, right?"

[open-to-anyone post, handwavey invites okay, first OCD of game to be posted around 9:15EST or so Nowish, but stragglers are welcome well after the game gets going! Comment thread especially for them.]

Room 312, Thursday evening
runningkitteh!, Camille, Dinahkitteh
Dinah had six bowls of un-chilled Jell-O on the floor, on top of spread-out newspapers. Having re-applied red and pink stripes to her hair, she was now giving Camille her options.

"Okay, so, the blueberry would look great, but then again, the orange would be cheerful...."

Camille poked a paw in a bowl of lime Jell-O, then sat down to lick it off.

"Green's good too!"

[ooc: for the roomie and his boyfriend and their cats, but the door's open too.]