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Canary's Quest

Dinah Lance
23 April
Backstory: Once upon a time, there was a little girl growing up in a small town in Missouri-- who woke up one night from a nightmare of blood and violence in New Gotham City. Seven years later, after her foster parents decided she needed 'mental help', she ran away to Gotham to find the two heroes she'd dreamed of. And decided to become one herself.

Dinah Lance

Fandom Class: 2010
Home: New Gotham, NJ, USA
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'11"
Legs: Go On Forever. (TM weetuskenraider)
Meta Abilities: Clairvoyant dreams, touch-telepathy and dreamwalking, telekinesis, Canary Cry (sonic scream)

Dinah's Voicemail, 555-BIRD

Dinah was in Room 312, rooming with wantstocheer, Claire Butler. (Former roomie, senor_chado, Yatsutora "Chad" Sado).
Her Fandom Big Brother was multi_madrox, Jamie Madrox.
Her Fandom Little Brother was yakko_yaks, Yakko Warner.

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Initiative! That fine line between satisfaction and regret
-- Dinah Lance

Television Tropes:
Action Girl // Cute Bruiser // Chaotic Good // Civvie Spandex // Psychic Powers // Mind Over Matter // Reckless Sidekick // Samaritan Syndrome // What You Are In the Dark // Genki Girl!

Dinah is now (Feb 2015) working two jobs (Curb Stomp and Keys & Frame Investigations), rooming with Gabby Blonsky in Cathedral Square, and pursuing her crime-fighting career with Oracle and Huntress. She'll obtain her P.I. License in May (assuming she doesn't get arrested before then!).

Her new crimefighting costume is based on this one, with shoot-O's kind permission!
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