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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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The apartment above Luke's, Sunday eveningish
In consideration of Priestly's preferences not to be woken up to run, Dinah and Momoko showed up in the evening. Because being pushed into exercise as the sun went down was that much easier on him. Really!

Knock knock knock!

Suit up, Priestly.

[for those mentioned, and anyone in the area who wants to see Dinah being their drill sergeant]

Momoko was a wee bit grumpy as she leaned against the wall and waited for the door to open. SOMEONE had told her at the LAST MINUTE that they weren't going for dinner and instead were going to go running.

"Are you sure we can't eat first?"

"You really want to feel like you're going to hurl after a quarter mile?" Dinah asked, amused. "I'll give you a power bar if you feel faint. C'mon, Priestly! Open up!"

"I totally wouldn't!" She didn't waste food, Dinah! "And power bars are totally not food. Do you have any chocolate?"

Like she didn't know the answer. SIGH, DINAH!

"If he doesn't answer, we get to go back, right?"

"We get to run anyway. After we make sure he's not just hiding," Dinah corrected. "C'mon, you know you need to do this, superpowers only take you so far. And Priestly probably hasn't been doing this as much as he should."

An eyeroll so hard the earth shook. "I know I do. I just don't want to." She lifted from against the wall and gave a stretch. "We could spar instead? that's at least a little fun?"

"Why are we making Priestly run, anyway?"

"Because he's a badass and shouldn't slack on it. Also, if weird things happen this summer we might not be here to cover his back." Dinah was kinda worried Priestly would start believing he wasn't a badass again if he wasn't reminded of it. But to do that, he needed to stay in shape. She stretched. "If he's not here, okay, sparring... Did you go visit Rikku and Reno yet?"

"No. That's next week sometime. After everyone is on the road; I'll be gone for a few days and meet up with you guys at some point."

"Of course Priestly's a badass. Who said he wasn't?" More stretching... wait... "So we're going to keep him in shape? Not that his shape is bad or anything. Can he spar with us, too?"

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Priestly totally hadn't been hiding from Dinah and Momoko. He hadn't even been baking temping cakes for Momoko (though that had crossed his mind and he might do so later just to be nice). He'd been arguing with a distributor who may or may not have been a Klingon.

Facing his best friend/over-enthusiastic trainer and her minion of the day actually sounded like a nice break.

"Hey!" He smiled at them as he came up the stairs. He smelled like raw shellfish. "What do you ladies want for dinner?"

Stalling made a great break from arguing with a Klingon, yes.

Dinah grinned, then wrinkled her nose. "Something light? Oooor sushi? Since I'm thinking you have extra?"

Momoko looked from Dinah to Priestly and back to Dinah. "Hey! You said we couldn't have dinner!"

"Extra pipius claw," Priestly said. "I wouldn't recommend it. I definitely haven't yet mastered intergalactic cuisine." Priestly looked from Momoko to Dinah, eyebrow raised. "You tried to deny her food?"

"Just don't serve Klingon blood-worm to anyone not a Klingon," Dinah recommended. "And we can eat after! I told you, we're not getting weighed down before the run." She grinned at Priestly. "You ready to go?"

Priestly looked down at himself. "I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure ripped cargo pants, combat boots, and a shirt that smells like shell fish aren't really recommended running wear."

"The boots definitely not." Momoko shook her head. "But if we run by the beach, we can toss you into the water! That would get rid of the smell!"

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"We'll wait." Dinah started looking around for his shoes, ready to TK them over to him. "It's not like we haven't seen it before." Muahahahah.

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