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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Star City, Thursday evening
Or Starling City. Oh, CW-influenced canon.

Seriously, there were two reasons Dinah was here. One was to follow up on a member of the Falcone family who was probably responsible for a series of exploded shop-fronts in New Gotham. She'd wrapped that up yesterday, after two days of legwork and occasional stakeouts.

The other. Well...

[for that guy, in that hood, on that roof-top.]

"Decide to come see the sights?" an amused voice said from the other side of the roof.

Dinah grinned into a shadow, then managed to straighten out her expression. "I hear good things about the light pollution here. Much more glowy than the shine in New Gotham."

"Yeah? Someone's got a good eye for light pollution, it sounds like."

There was a grin in that voice. "So... did you just come to take in the sights?"

"I wish I got those kinds of vacations." Dinah slid him a sideways look, and added, "Ray Tagliatti. Who's in custody now, and on his way back to New Gotham." She shrugged one shoulder. "But. I figured I might as well see what there was to be seen."

"Ah. That was your work?" He nodded. "Pretty good."

"Thanks." A tip there, a diverted car there, a fright into someone wanting to deal with him. Delicate, but not too complex. Dinah shook her head. "But... I was glad to see you before I left. Because the next time might not be for a good while. Here or in New Gotham."

"Oh?" She definitely had his attention.

"You actually going to take a vacation?"

"Heh. Not exactly." Dinah walked to perch on the top of the roof, and pulled up her knees, watching him over them. "I have a friend. Who's ... well. She's going to war. So. I'm going to help."

"War, huh?" His lips pursed, clearly considering something.

"Sounds dangerous." He casually walked closer, watching her thoughtfully. "And time consuming, I'm guessing?"

"Yeah. Civil war. Little place you've never heard of." Dinah looked up, face open and a little weary. "Could be months. Probably get ugly. I might get home every few weeks. Or... not."

He nodded slowly. "I see."

A sigh. "Well, you've always had your thing, and I've got mine..."

"Yeah. Yes." Dinah's smile turned sideways a little. "But I wanted to ask you a question. Or two. Before I left."

For once he actually came close enough to sit down. Not next to her, but not too far off, either.


"Do you know who I am? My real name?" She perched her chin on her hand. "Seriously. I've got no clue who you are. I've kept my ears open. But nothing solid."

He shook his head. "No. I didn't feel like I had the right to pry."

Dinah released a long slow breath, and nodded, looking off at the lights. Okay, so, he hadn't been toying with her, or messing with her.Just... flirting with her. Appreciating her.

She scooted a little closer. But didn't look at him. "Last time I saw you, I told you to call me when you were ready to quit playing games. Or that I'd come find you."

"You did," he nodded slowly, looking over at her.

"And here you are."

"I keep my promises." Dinah smiled at him. "Here I am. Are you still playing?"

"Are you saying no more games?" he asked quietly.

"Games are fun. But I like to know if that's what they are." Dinah raised her hand to tap his chin with a closed fist. "Or all they're ever gonna be."

He sighed.

"I don't know. I like games." He flashed a grin. "Especially with the right partner. But..." He shrugged.

"You've always had your thing. I've always had mine."

"My coast. Your coast. Your city. My city."

This was probably part of what broke up Laurie's parents, if Dinah and Oliver Queen had been as territorial as she and this guy were.

She bit her lip. "So. Kiss for luck? And a see you later? To be continued, maybe, without any promises?"

That earned her a smile. Not quite as devil-may-care as most of them, but perhaps a bit warmer for it.

"A kiss for luck," he agreed.

"And without any promises? I think I'd rather like a to be continued."

"Better make it a good kiss then," Dinah whispered, grinning as she tilted her head, leaning forward.

He leaned forward, hand rising to rest against Dinah's cheek.

And then he did.