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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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New Gotham City, the Narrows, Tuesday early evening
Dinah was 21 tonight, and hanging out on a rooftop.

There would be celebrating later! Specifically with all the great prezzies Priestly had had delivered to her this morning -- she was looking forward to fixing a Dark'n'Stormy when she got back to the Clocktower. The cupcakes had been significantly depleted around breakfast-time, and she was currently wearing the very useful bracelet and adorable compass.

The lingerie would really not work with the Black Canary uniform, though. Heh. But she finally had porn to read tonight!

"Happy birthday to meeeeeee," she sang out happily, hanging upside down off the edge of the shingles, and dangling a prowler by one ankle. "Wish me a happy birthday, guy!"


[ooc: open to phone calls, texts, and visits from those in New Gotham.

Phone call incoming! Momoko wanted to make sure her package arrived.

Dinah had just finished tying the guy to a lamp-post-- with a note for the New Gotham P.D. -- so Momoko's timing was excellent. "Birthday girl here! Hello!"

"Happy Birthday!" Momoko cheered perkily in Dinah's ear. "Did my package arrive or do I have to go beat up Portalocity employees?"

"It got here! Thank you so much!" Dinah was already climbing another drain pipe, heading for the gabled roof of an abandoned mansion. "I love them! The sticks, the book-- that's a really interesting one, I'm taking it with me to Glacia-- and the shooooes."

Momoko nodded. "You better! And the tonfa, too! They're not eskrima, but you should be able to learn them really easily. I wanted you to have as many choices for weapons as possible." Since, you know, Momoko wasn't going to be there to have her back. Stupid war.

"The shoooooes!!! Totally an excuse to go shopping for an outfit to match, right?"

"Exactly!" Dinah was on the rooftop by now, keeping her voice down, and scanning for problems. "Helena's threatening a big family dinner on Friday, and I'm gonna wear those with a nice dress when we all go out. I just have to find a purple dress that will work with those... I bet Barbara knows the tonfa, I'll have to see. So very cool. Although, seriously, I thought the trip to see the cherry blossoms *was* my early birthday present."

"Everybody thought that," Momoko snorted lightly, amused. "Doesn't anyone believe that I just wanted to have my friends come visit?"

"Seriously, though. Thank you for coming. Viewing the blossoms is a big thing, here, and I really wanted to share it with you all. Especially since it will be my last."

"You can always go back for visits," Dinah pointed out. "Your sister will eventually not be so little. She'll probably want to see you then, and Hanami's a good time for it." But she knew what Momoko meant; it might be the last time she was living there in the spring. "I loved it. It was gorgeous and well-fed and relaxing and occasionally? Hilarious."

"Oh, I'm totally going to visit! Especially if it irritates Kuriko; she's totally irritating me this week since she wasn't invited to meet everyone." Momoko eye-rolled.

"I am so glad you enjoyed it! Everyone left with such happy faces, it was so nice to see!" Momoko grinned hard. "So other than a dinner party, boring, what else are you planning for your big day?"

"I have new booze,courtesy of Priestly to try out. Spiced rum and ginger. Kraken rum, how awesome is that?" Dinah snickered and balanced on one foot. "And! Half of Cathedral Square said they'd stop by later, there are still cupcakes left, and we're probably going to have a video game championship. So, lots of goofing off today... after I track down a drug dealer named Miles and get him to tell me when his next shipment is coming in." Hop, hop, jump!

Momoko snorted. "Miles? What self-respecting drug dealer goes by 'Miles'? Have you checked the race track?" Someone thought she was funny tonight, yes.

Dinah snickered back, and said, "I'm thinking he changed it from something unpronounceable and Russian, but I haven't asked. I'll be sure to find out for you, though."

"I'll make a list of better names and he can choose from them. He'll totally need a different one for when he's in prison, too." She giggled. "But crime-fighting, cupcakes, videogames... it sounds like you're going to have a fun birthday. I'm glad. I wish I could be there to help celebrate."

"Me too," Dinah admitted. "But. We'll both be in Glacia on Friday, right? I'll save you a cupcake for then. We should have plenty of time to eat while we wait."

"I'm definitely going to be there! Not that I really know what's going to happen, but if it's important to Karla, I want to be there. Especially since I can't help in any of the rest of it. Do we need to wear anything special?"