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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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'Dite's Suite at the Arms, very early Monday morning, 2:11 AM
They weren't quite waiting up for MIA teenage daughters to get back to where they were supposed to be. Hey, that car movie had a lot of hot guys in it. So Dinah had an excuse. Priestly's excuse was... yeah, shut up.

Sin was tucked into bed, and so was Lasumi. So it was just them, the TV, and the bag of popcorn.

[for AU teens first, but open if you want to stop by in the real morning.]

Priestly was doing his best not to check his watch. When he was Jane's age, he was living on his own and getting attacked by zombies. She had to be fine, right?

He could hear them coming down the hall, snickering, then the fumbling with the doorknob. He nudged Dinah.

"I think the prodi-girls are returning."

"Freak them out with parental-ness? Or freak them out with 'hey, hope you guys had fun?'" Dinah poked him in the side. "And they'll groan if you pun like that, dude."

Better decide quick, the shushing and giggling was giving way to a door opening.

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"It's a dad joke, isn't it?" Priestly guessed. "Oh god, I'm a dad."

And then he ran out of time, because Jane was stumbling in the suddenly open doors. Her lipstick was smeared a little on one side, her clothes a little rumpled. Her eyes went wide when she saw Dinah and Priestly waiting for them and she bit her lips on another giggle.

"Hiiiii Dad."

Laurie looked equally disheveled, but fairly different from earlier: a tank top with a bandage peeking out on her back, nose piercing, dark eye make-up (smeared), and dark streaks in her hair. She clapped a hand over her mouth, trying to keep the laughter inside, then shout-whispered, "Hi Mom!"

It was like a test-run!

So that was Dinah! She was, like, the polar opposite of Jane's mom.

Weeeeeird. "Hiiii Laurie's mom!"

Priestly wiggled his fingers at them. "Hi girls."

Was he hallucinating? They looked like -- well, like they'd been up to some of what he'd been doing the last week. "Fun day?"

"Looks like it," Dinah said dryly, not wanting to admit how being called 'Mom' was a relief after all the angry 'yous' Laurie had dished out earlier. She got up from the couch, and grinned at Jane. "We didn't actually meet. I'm Dinah." She looked back at Laurie, and couldn't help that her smile widened. "I like the piercing. And the hair."

Laurie pouted a little, and leaned closer to Jane, looking a combination of worried, mad, and hopeful. "Yeah?.. I mean. Sure, why wouldn't you?"

Priestly nodded to the hint of bandage he could see past her tanktop. "Tattoo too?" he guessed. "Man, am I glad your real mom doesn't have a me to take that out on."

Jane snorted at that, setting down the bags she had in the hand that wasn't constantly trying to wrap itself around Laurie's waist. The bag immediately started wiggling, and a fluffy red face peeked out.

"Stevesie!" Jane hissed, not nearly as quiet -- or as serious -- as she thought she was being. "No! Down!"

Priestly pressed a hand to his head. "Aaaand you got a new friend."

Laurie had stiffened up at Stevesie being revealed-- they couldn't leave him there! He was too perfect-- in anticipation of yelling or demands for explanations or order to take their new pet back, and had jumped in with, "We paid for him, he's ours, you can't undo it, Jane loves him--"

Only then her mom was cracking up so hard she fell into the coffee table, and wound up on the floor. Laughing harder than she'd heard her mom laugh in years.

Tentatively, she smiled at her. "Surprise?"

"Shhhhh!" Jane hissed, flapping her hand at Dinah even as she started laughing along herself. "You'll wake all the cousins!"

Stevesie, excited by all the activity, made his own twittery, laughy sound, and Jane reached down to scoop him up. "Shhh!" she told him. He climbed over her arm and scrambled around her shoulder.

"You guys bought a pet together?" Priestly asked, barely holding in the amused incredulity. "Should I be planning a father-of-the-bride speech?"

"Should I be giving the shovel speech?" Dinah was still giggling, but more softly, as she staggered back up to her feet, using Priestly as a hand-hold. "Or the 'if everyone jumped off a bridge' speech?" She looked at Priestly, and pointed at him. "Shush. Don't say it."

The grin was reassuring, at least to Laurie. She reached up to rub at some of Jane's smeared lipstick, cheeks pink. "What? We wanted a souvenir. Um. Of a good time?" Were either of these versions of their parents young enough to buy this kind of deflection? .. probably not when Laurie started petting Stevesie. And possibly Jane's hair.

"Very good time," Priestly guessed. Jane had the same sly smile that Tish got after a particularly good night. He tried to picture what Tish's reaction to Stevesie would be, then decided that if he made it to Santa Cruz, he'd end up living with Zo.

There were . . . details to be worked out about this. But they both looked so cute and happy (and, Priestly's 21 year old lizard brain noted, totally hot) that he couldn't bring himself to mention them.

"You drive the other me totally nuts back home, don't you," he said instead, and there was Tish's unrepentant smirk. "He doesn't stand a chance."

Laurie was finally relaxing now, since the parent-people weren't being all ... parental. She rested her chin on Jane's shoulder really easily, and wheedled, "It's not like we won't take good care of him."

"Dude, I am so the wrong person to be trying to convince," Dinah pointed out, still amused. About either a red panda or a extra-dimensional girlfriend. "And I got a tattoo and a piercing ... well, I was a little older than you. I wonder if older me ever did? Hunh." She snorted. "If you guys want, the second bedroom's free. Sin and Lasumi are in the first one." Ahem! Tiny people! And... whatever implications should be taken from that.

Stevesie tried to climb onto Laurie's head. Jane let out a little squeak when his claws grazed along the back of her neck in the process and reached up to scoop him up again.

"We're totally responsible," she said, managing for a moment to look completely straight faced and -- she hoped -- mature. Then the facade cracked and she snickered. "You guys aren't even lecturing us. What kind of parents are you?"

"The kind who aren't parents yet," Priestly noted. "Enjoy it while it lasts, kid. Other me back home is -- well, okay, probably just happy if you're happy."

Jane beamed, and that expression? That was all from her dad.

"Also the kind who are too tired to care, after keeping up with toddlers and grade-schoolers all day. You're not dead. Or in jail. Or looking unhappy or hurt. So..."

Dinah kind of wanted to hug Jane, just for that. And for cheering up the miserable girl who'd shown up yesterday. "At least you've got good taste." She grinned at Laurie. "In pets and piercings and people." She reached out tentatively to tug on Laurie's hair, hoping she'd let her.

She did. Laurie's eyes filled a little. "Maybe we can talk. You know. Tomorrow or something."

"That would be cool."

"Priestlys are good at that," Priestly said, and Jane nodded along. She bent to scoop up her bags again, then leaned in to Laurie, lips right by her ear.

"I haven't shown you all my tats, yet," she whispered -- an actual whisper this time, thank god. Priestly's brain wouldn't be able to take it if he overheard.

"Bed," he declared in his best dad voice. "Dinah has to ogle Vin Diesel some more."

"Ewwww," Jane said. "Parents are gross."

Laurie turned pink in response to that whisper, whispering back, "Okay. I'm not sleepy either..."

Then blinked at Dinah after Priestly said that, and rolled her eyes. "Some things don't change, ever." She gave Priestly a small smile, gathering up the bags. "Um. Night." And more blushing.

Dinah waited until they were out of the room before she mumbled, "Oh my god, my brain is sooo broken."

"Yep," Priestly agreed. And he'd had most of the afternoon to wonder about it. He'd recognized the look on Jane's face when she met Laurie, after all. "Hey, maybe it'll get Momo and Karla to chill out for a bit. Even if we don't get together, our kids can!"

He could dream.

"Maybe?" Dinah was dreaming too. Hush. It was a nice dream-land. "Momoko's kind of had a wake-up call already this weekend... And I so don't want to be the person injecting reality between Jane and Laurie. Her real mom can argue with her about commuting to Santa Cruz via portal. Not me. Yeesh." She flopped back down on the couch, rubbing at her face. "Did not see that coming. But Laurie looks thrilled, so."

"I figured they had to end up besties, or -- you know. Priestlys and Lances are, like, made for each other."

And yes, he knew how that sounded.

"Kinda had my money on best friends, though."

"I did too! With all the hi-bye Jane did yesterday and Laurie raging against everything, I figured that they'd hit it off immediately."

"Yeah. Lance and Priestly. Priestly and Lance. We sound like a TV show." Dinah grinned and reached out to poke him. "I was going to ask you how your week went. But it feels weird with them in the next room. Probably smooching." Or more, but she was not gonna go there.

"Ended up okay," Priestly said, smiling at the memory. "It helps to know everyone's in the same boat, you know? I wonder how disappointed Dean'll be now that hooking up won't be quite as easy any more."

"Yeah?" Dinah gave him a hopeful look, tugging on his shirt so he'd join her on the couch. "I'm glad. You were due. Past due. Seriously. I hope whoever it was-- they were?" She grinned. "That they appreciated it... Somehow, the Dean I remember from the one or two times I ran into him, would just take that as a challenge."

"That's possible. Not sure this Dean is quite as, uh, together as the old Dean was, though. He definitely drinks a lot more."

That was part of the reason why Priestly was okay with the idea that the guy might stick around awhile. Someone had to keep an eye on him.

"Hunh. That's kind of worrying." Dinah considered. "Has he run into any of his family here yet? I am so glad I've never run into another me. Without actually, you know, being the other me at the time. The kids are bizarre enough."

"Don't be so sure. Fandom could have all kinds more tricks up her sleeve." Priestly wasn't entirely sure when Fandom became a "she", but he wasn't going to argue with it. "But yeah, he's talked to Mrs. Winchester, and Sam came down to visit him." He gave Dinah a sly look. "I bet there are other yous out there who might show up. That face is too good for the multiverse to use just once."

"You say the sweetest things. Even when you haven't had fruity drinks and the island isn't messing with you," Dinah teased, letting her head drop onto his shoulder. "As long as they're not evil and don't want to borrow my stuff, I'll deal."

Which stuff that would be, that was the unasked question.