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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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New Gotham City, Thursday, very late at night
After Monday's April Fools' prank calls of Momoko and Karla, and a consultation with Priestly after that, Dinah decided to take Karla's advice....

Just, not, you know, that evening. Because she had an exam on Tuesday. And Arrow was nowhere around. Sometimes secret identities sucked.

Tonight, though. Tonight... Well, there were no violins vibrating in the background, but there was a certain fly-by caped crusader lurking.

Then there was hitting. Of some guys trying to beat up a security guard to get into a guarded warehouse. Not each other. A couple muggers. A thwarted hijacking of a police boat. You know, the usual.

"So. Be seeing you." Arrow smirked at Dinah-- or maybe that was a grin by now? Not a smirk? Hard to be sure in that light. "Gotta get back to Starling City before the weekend."

"Right. Your city. On the west coast." Nope, not disappointed. Just... frustrated. Say something, damnit.

"Going to miss me?"

Black Canary stared at what was definitely a smirk, and finally grinned back. "Nope."

"No? Aww, Canary. You're breaking my--"

Dinah mostly used her hands, but cheated a little with the telekinesis to push him against the nearest chimney, leaning up to get him in a fast lip-lock. Long enough to mean business, no teasing. Short enough that just as his hands came up to reach for her shoulders, she pulled away and stepped back, lips tingling. "I don't miss."

Arrow was breathing hard. "That's my line."

Black Canary beamed at him. "Here's mine: when you're ready to quit playing games? ... pretty sure you know how to find me." She stepped to the edge of the building and fired her grappling gun across the street.

"And if I don't?" It sounded like a challenge. But way more uncertain than before.

"Better hide." Dinah grinned over her shoulder at him. "Or I'll come find you."

Then she jumped off the edge of the building, swinging away.

Karla had been right. The best cure for smirking was to have a reason to smirk back.

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[ooc: Wait until Roy finds out, Dinah!]

[Somewhere, he is facepalming, and has no idea why. ]


[*bows, beams* Thank you, thank you, Dinah wants details after the upcoming weekend, thank you!]