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wind in hair
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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New Gotham City, Sunday evening
Dinah had found a gargoyle that was spouting water down on 7th Avenue, and was perched on top of it despite the rain. She had her comms open for any problems; Helena was happily tussling with some jewel-store robbers, but didn't need help, so... just her and the gray-dark sky and the traffic far below.

[expecting one, but open for phone calls, txts, anyone in New Gotham]
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"What is it with you and rain?" a half-amused voice called out of the darkness from behind her and to the right.

"I like it." Dinah smiled up at the sky, but canted her body towards the voice. "Sends everyone but the bad guys indoors, and people who love the rain too." She turned her head. "So. What's with you and New Gotham?"

"Maybe I just like the view," that familiar voice answered in a tone that made it clear he wasn't talking about the skyline.

"Yeah. Right." Dinah's voice was a lot more amused than she'd let it be before, and she turned to slide down the back of the gargoyle to the ground. "That's on the brochures. Along with the Gotham Knights and the crime rate. The view."

He barked a quick laugh. "Hey, you want a better view, you ought to come play tourist out my way sometime."

"What are the main sights in Starling City?" Dinah teased, leaning against the gargoyle. "And, seriously. Who are you here chasing this time?"

"What? Am I a tourism brochure now?" he laughed.

"And, what, a guy can't just take a vacation?" Yeah. In their line of work.

"If you seriously are taking a vacation in New Gotham, dressed up as Robin Hood?... then there's a really skilled shrink in Arkham who'd love to talk to you. If you can get past the security guards," Dinah said dryly.

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Masaki was off cleaning the last of the equipment and Momoko felt the need to talk to her BFF.

And it had nothing to do with trying to avoid writing an essay on the applications of Traditional Japanese culture in modern America.

Sooooo. Hopefully Dinah wasn't macking on Arrow busy?

Dinah was totally macking on Arrow busy, but not getting busy, so she touched her comms, steadying herself on the ledge.

"Canary here."

Momoko sighed. "Ah. Blossom here. Just wanted to chat. Call back when you're free?"


"Unless you need backup?" And yes, her voice perked up as she offered. What? Paperwork was boring!

"Ahhh... ha. Heh." Ahem? "Arrow's here too, Blossom." She shot him a look, then went on to say, "I can chat, but if it's personal, I'll call back when I'm alone?"

Oooh! Distraction!

"Do call me later, but... Arrow?" She leaned forward. "Why is he still in town? Are you working together?"

"He's not still in town. He's... again, in town." Dinah's voice got droll. "Admiring the scenery, supposedly. And at the moment, just observing 7th Avenue."

Momoko chuckled at Dinah's tone. "I didn't think his city was that close? Maybe he liiiiiiikes someone?"

"7th Avenue... Isn't that were that one biker gang likes to hang out? Or was that 17th?" She was still confused by some of the New Gotham neighborhoods.

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