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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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The Clocktower, New Gotham City, Saturday Night
Barbara was waiting for them when they teleported in after dealing with Eric.

"The police are very confused. And the neighbors heard female voices shouting. But otherwise, nothing to identify you." She looked from Blossom to Raven to Dinah. "Are you all okay?"

[ooc: for the three mentioned]

"I am all right," Raven said.

She desperately wanted a scalding hot shower, though.

Dinah gave Raven a worried look, but said, "Bruises and cuts only. And maybe we could all use some ice cream?" It was the Betrayal Comfort Food!

Ice cream would probably be a good idea.

Raven was already reaching for Dinah. "Please, let me heal those," she said. Expecting a protest, she added, "I need to test my abilities. They were...wonky."

Dinah bit her lip on her objections, and held out her skinned hands, then shucked her jacket so the bruises were visible. "It's not much, really." She took a breath, and said, "I don't know what to say to you. Except it wasn't your fault."

Not much, but enough to test to see if there was more pain than she would expect, at least. She held her hands over Dinah's, then gently traced her bruises. The injuries faded from Dinah's body and appeared briefly on hers, then vanished.

"Everything seems normal now," she said, relieved. Then she sighed heavily. "I owe you an apology, both of you. You were trying to protect me, and I...I was foolish."

Taking the time to transform back, Momoko waited until the bruises faded from Raven to reach out for her. "We're your friends. We had to tell you the truth. Even if you get mad at us."

"I just wish we'd done it better. Somehow." Dinah sighed, and reached out to stroke Raven's hair. "He was messing with you. I don't know how far that went, but I'm guessing it wasn't just saying how pretty you were."

"Far enough that I wish a very long and very hot shower," Raven said, her voice flat. "But I was fortunate that my Soul-Self recognized him as a threat even when I could not see it, and stopped it before he could do what he wished. Somehow he fooled my empathy...and once he established a bond with me, he was able to manipulate my own emotions."

She shook her head. "Such a thing will not happen again, I promise you. I have come too far to allow a machine to control me."

"Don't promise." Momoko squeezed Raven's hand. "Humans can totally do that too, even without powers. Sometimes they're just that good, or we're that lonely, or whatever, but it happens."

"But yeah. We totally need to learn a better way to say, 'you're boyfriend or girlfriend is a jerk and making you act weird'. I've messed up twice now." They totally needed a code word for that.

Tish hadn't been a jerk!... until she dumped Priestly, anyway.

Dinah squeezed Raven's shoulder. "You can use the shower here. And I've got an extra set of pajamas. Even if they're not black." She looked over at Momoko and smiled a little bit. "And you don't have to promise. You're unique, and special, and... that'll attract creeps. Unfortunately." She shrugged. "Just don't hate us, if we end up having to say something ever again. And try to believe we always love you."

"The answer is simple," Raven said, shrugging a little. "If anyone is showing romantic interest in me, he or she is quite possibly evil and should be investigated thoroughly. After Sebastian and Eric, I will not begrudge you that one bit."

She nodded at Dinah. "Thank you, I would appreciate that. I think I do not wish to be alone tonight."

"I totally thought Warren was possessed, when he first agreed to go out with me." Momoko nudged Raven a bit. "Did I ever tell you? I actually did have a demon possess someone once to make him date me."

"This is a story that needs to be told in detail. Over ice cream," Dinah agreed. "And hey. If you want, we'll do background checks, and scans, and do every other thing ever when someone gets interested again. But I bet that the next guy or girl is a lot cooler."

"What do you think they will do with what is left of him?" Raven asked. Why yes, that had been an abrupt subject change. "There was no life I could sense within him, but I do not understand computers very well."

Momoko got serious. "They'll study him."

She looked back over to Ms Barbara. "Do we need to sneak in somewhere and get him? I totally don't like the idea of that lab place getting a chance to revive him or start another project like that."

"I'm working on having his remains diverted to a Wayne Enterprises crematorium," Barbara said, typing away very quickly. "And I've given Reese the outline of what happened, so he knows what to look for. Hopefully the police will tag him officially for the murders, so they won't look for anyone else." She looked over at Raven, eyes softer. "I'm glad you're okay too."

"Thank you," Raven said. "I am feeling much better now. He was affecting my health as well as my mind and gifts, I think, but that seems to have faded now. If only his other victims were as fortunate." But there was no restoring their lives after what he'd done to them.

"And I think it wise that he be utterly destroyed. If a spirit were to pass close by to him, it is possible that he could latch on to it for strength to revive himself. But that is only a guess."

"Creepy even when he's dead," Dinah muttered, then shook herself. "Look, you go get cleaned up, we'll get the ice cream, find a non-romantic movie with plenty of explosions, and settle in. Work for you guys?"

"Totally works for me! Dinah, you pick the movie." Momoko was inclined towards movies with robots, see? "I'll go help Mr Alfred!"

Movies with robots were right out. Raven was going to rank them with vampires under Things That Were Not Her Favorites.

"I think that is a good idea," Raven said. She somehow managed to find a tiny smile. "And I will not even mind the pajamas not being black."