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What are *you* looking at?
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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New Gotham City, Saturday
The hangover hadn't been as bad as the sugar crash after last night's disastrous talk with Raven. So Dinah was determined to get some progress on the case, to take her mind off that mess, and Momoko had agreed.

Dinah was taking the bars where the girls might have hung out and been picked up by their killer; Momoko was checking on the IT department at the school, in case he went to Gotham U.

Meanwhile, Barbara was fighting the S.T.A.R. labs to a standstill.

Late in the afternoon, Dinah sent a text to both of them: Hitting Cowboy Up. So far no luck. You guys?

Momoko stepped guiltily away from the snack machine in the lobby at the notification sound.

Just got to the enginering building. Stopped at security station first.

Anything new there? Barbara sent after a few minutes. Information expected within the hour, by the way.

No. Two false calls last night - one drunk found in bushes and found by jogger and one fraternity prank. What's 'rushed week?'

Dinah snickered at the bar, and typed in: Initiation hazing for the sororities and fraternities. The sillier the better.

After another few minutes, she typed in: Bartender remembers Jayda. Gimme 20, I may have to scan her to see what she remembers, want it to be careful.

"Calling in a fake murder victim during a crime spree is not silly." Momoko rolled her eyes and tried not to scowl as she headed down the hall to the first of the computer labs.

Security has latest photos now, they're going to check records to see if any filed complaints like stalking or robberies.

She put her phone away as she entered the computer room. "Hello? Anyone in here?"

Fifteen minutes later, Barbara sent an e-mail:

S.T.A.R. has a lot to answer for. Cybernetics Project 217-A: integration of neurocircuitry with human interface. Subject volunteer, male, 22, upgrades to body and brain, ability to hack files aimed at corporate espionage. Long list of medical upgrades, then something went... odd. Began spontaneously adding in new computer abilities, with loss of empathy, normal physical sensations-- if I'm reading this right, he's sucking down human energy in some diabolical mix of neuron-interaction and chemical draining. Not to get too technical.

Long story short: deadly, needs human life to survive, cybernetic upgrades ongoing.

And between S.T.A.R. and I think their rogue subject, that's all I could get.

Be. Careful.

Five minutes later Dinah sent: Have a lead. I'm checking at Finnegan's. Hope I'm wrong.

The bartender had remembered Jayda, remembered her friends... and remembered a dark-haired guy that looked way too much like Eric Forrester for Dinah's comfort, even though she didn't remember the guy's name.

Two computer labs down and Momoko finally had some news! Sort of.

Some of the girls known here - computer questions, same problems. Our guy at work?

But at least it gave her a direction for the next few interviews?

It took a while for Momoko to spare a few moments for the next text:

guys!! Eric's name keeps coming up. Getting worried. last computer room now. Recognize one girl from Cho interviews.

Dinah was done with Finnegan's now, and feeling heart-sick. And furious.

Second bartender at Finnegan's remembered Miriam. With Eric, from what I could see. Wanted to be sure, telepathy is tricky. With what you found, Momoko...

And then: At the very least, someone needs to talk to him. Barbara, tell Reese we have a suspect.

Should we call Raven first? She won't believe us. Might go to see him.

Which pretty much answered her own question, but Dinah had to mention it. This was going to suck.

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"Yeah. Eric's always the first to volunteer when there's a girl involved. Apparently he fixed it, because we were playing together online like usual the next day."
Momoko was at the lab nearest the entrance that opened to path to the sports center, which she only realised as she was running out the door and trying to orient herself.

Cho came in for Diagnostics week before death. She had a 'Blue screen of death?'

She didn't know if that mattered, but she sent it anyway. The important part was what she sent next,

Eric helped her. lab friends remember he asked her out. Always touching her. He had big date planned for right before she died. Going to security for Erics address.

The "meet you there, Dinah" was hopefully in the subtext?

Raven had a Blue Screen of Death, Eric fixed it for her.

Oh shit.

Going on comms! Barbara do you have

Barbara didn't need Dinah to finish that thought:

Eric Forrester, 1615 West Valerian, Apartment 4. Sending you both the map.

As soon as the address came across, Momoko ducked into a corner and transformed. Taking to the air, she was soon nothing but a pink streak in the sky heading to where she hoped she wouldn't be needed.