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New Gotham
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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No Man's Land Bar, New Gotham, Friday evening
"Here we are. No Man's Land." Which did not look like a bar at all. It looked like used-stuff store: books, CDs, DVDs, clothes, junk. A funky mix of really cool and what the hell.

Dinah grinned at the guy behind the counter. "Is Gibson around?"

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Momoko leaned on the bar, trying to un-bore herself. Too many hours doing research, ugh. She was totally ready to just hang out and couldn't wait to get to the actual bar part of the bar.

She'd only been once before, so she spent the time waiting by trying to remember where the entrance was... she'd been a bit tipsy before.

Raven still wasn't feeling any better -- and she was going to call Karla tomorrow, really -- but Dinah and Momoko had wanted to see her, and there'd been another death. They really needed to find out who was responsible for the killings and stop them, and that was more important than resting.

Dinah had often spoken of No Man's Land, but they'd never gotten around to going there. She was a little puzzled since it didn't look like a bar.

"He's downstairs. I'll let him know you're here," the guy behind the counter said, then nodded to one corner. "Go on down. Just remember to introduce your new friend to him."

"No worries. And thanks." Dinah headed over to the bust of Shakespeare in the corner, and then lifted his head at the chin.

The panel of books behind it slid aside, revealing a staircase, and she couldn't help her grin. "C'mon!"

A secret entrance, that made a great deal of sense, since most meta humans in this world wanted to keep their identities secret. Raven followed Dinah down the staircase, curious as to what she would find below.

A warm (if cramped) bar, with conversation pits made of comfy stuffed chairs, a pool table in one corner, and a bar running the length of one wall. The man behind it straightened with his back to them, then called out, "Dinah! Been a while."

He turned around and slid a drink down the bar to her; a Diet Coke with lemon slice, then leaned on the bartop to grin. "So, who are your new and lovely friends? And where's your sister? Still dating that cop?"

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"Raven, Momoko, this is Gibson. Gibson, Raven and Momoko, friends from high school. And yes, you know Helena is still dating Reese." Dinah took a slurp of her drink. "Give it up, dude."

"A man can dream. Welcome to No Man's Land!" Gibson gestured to the space around them, grinning. Down the bar, one of the other bartenders was setting fire to a drink. With his fingers.

"Thank you," Raven said. "It is very nice to meet you, and to be in a place where we are free to be ourselves."

"Hey, that's why I opened this place. So, what's your poison? And your power, if you're feeling comfortable enough to tell," Gibson said, reaching for another glass.

"Tea, if you have it," Raven said. She'd been drinking a lot of that lately. "And I am a healer and an empath. There are few injuries that are beyond my power."

She didn't mean to brag. Well, maybe just a little.

"I should have guessed that," Gibson said to Dinah, who nodded and looked amused around her straw. "We have chai, we have black powder, we have an awesome peachtree that I think you'd like, and we have ginseng and cinnamon, if you want it to match your perfume."

"Match my perfume...?" Raven blinked, unsure just how to respond to that. "I will try the peachtree, thank you."

"Peachtree with a cinnamon stick," Gibson agreed, then grinned self-deprecatingly. "That's my power. Smell. And an eidetic memory. Healing's an awesome power, I am so jealous."

Raven could easily imagine a super sense of smell would come with a large set of disadvantages, and she didn't envy that power. "Thank you, I am very proud of my gifts," she said. "But to remember anything, that seems it could be very useful as well."

"Well, it has been, when my friendly meta girls show up wanting info on something." He flicked a thumb at Dinah who flicked a coaster at him. "Hey!... other times, though. I mean, would you want to remember your own birth? No, you would not," he answered himself. "Trauma, man. Trauma."

"I can imagine that would be troubling," Raven said, eyes wide. She hadn't thought of something like that. That would certainly be disconcerting.

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