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New Gotham
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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The Clocktower, New Gotham City, Thursday Night
Barbara was working on Momoko's paperwork while a comparison analysis of other deaths was compiling on the Delphi Circuit. Reese's call from earlier had put Helena in a horrible mood; she was out patrolling, with occasional check-ins to say where she was leaving the New Gotham PD 'presents' wrapped up in zip-ties and duct tape.

Momoko and Dinah were going to be back soon; hopefully the computer program would have something useful to spit out by then.

"I come bearing gifts!" Momoko called as she exited the elevator, hefting a huge box. "If you like pork buns, that is. Detective Reese totally needs to learn to eat better. I had to beg him to stop and let me buy these." Well, beg and pout.

She set the box down and took one of the savoury pastries, walking over to where Ms Barbara was working. "Ah, is that new information you're working on?"

"Thank you, Momoko. I forgot dinner." Again. This way, she'd avoid getting yelled at by Helena.

"Yes. Well, old information that I'm hoping will tie in-- mysterious deaths. And I'm working on your paperwork while I wait for it to finish analyzing."

"Really?!" She handed a pastry to Ms Barbara as she leaned over to look at the screens. "Thank you for helping me! I totally had no idea it would be so much trouble." Other people seem to be able to move to different worlds so easily!

"Ah! Speaking of! Who do I have to check in with there? You know, like Dinah says Arrow should have with you?"

Those other worlds didn't have an IRS, an INS, an FBI, and a CIA to satisfy with all the right paperwork, probably. Using Dinah's alumni connection through Fandom and Portalocity was the only way Barbara had managed to pull this off. Because she rocks like that.

"You're welcome, I was happy to do it." Barbara took off her glasses and considered. "Well, it would probably be smart to check in with the Justice League, but after that... you're planning on being in El Paso eventually?"

Momoko nodded. "I know the city a little, so I thought that would be best. Plus the Reyes' are there in case something happens to me, Fandom weirdness or something? It's going to be hard enough being a pony or a hummingbird in a strange world, but at least in El Paso I'd have some people I could ask for help."

"At least that's what I'm hoping? I still have to convince my dad."

"It sounds like a good plan," Barbara commented. "The only other superhero in El Paso, according to Jaime, is Jaime." Her mouth twitched a very tiny bit. "So you may want to warn him for courtesy's sake. Although at least he won't mistake you for a potential supervillain if you pitch in."

Momoko frowned slightly and scratched her nose. "I was kind of hoping not to tell him unless I had to."

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Dinah came in on a rush, and flopped down in a chair across from Barbara. "So I have news, not of the good kind, and frustration, and I hope you managed to get the rest of the coroner's report, too. Or anything else. Hi, Momoko. Ooo, pork rolls."

"There's some barbecue in there!" Momoko waved from the computer. Where she wasn't allowed to eat one, SIGH. "I'm almost done typing up my shorthand from today. What's your news?"

Dinah pulled her hair out of the knot at her neck, and grimaced. "I went to No Man's Land, to see if Gibson had any news on our killer, or someone like him. He didn't, but he recognized Amy Lennox's photo. She's a-- was, a meta."

That got Momoko to spin around in her chair and stare. "A meta? She had POWERS?!"

Barbara's lips firmed in worry as Dinah nodded. "Gibson said she had temperature powers. Freezing, mostly. Not really strong, but enough to raise ice or chill things with touch. So in order for this guy to have hurt her..."

"He's either a very strong, completely surprised her, or is immune to cold," Barbara said, thinking aloud, and putting her glasses back on. "Either way, he just upped the threat level."

Momoko reached for her notebook, flipping through the pages of shorthand. "There was no hint that Cho was a meta. Not in anything I found. The killer isn't targeting." Which wasn't as reassuring as it should have been.

"Not metas, maybe. Maybe that was just an accident. So what is he looking for?" Dinah leaned her head back, staring at the ceiling. "College-age girls, all fairly pretty. Jayda and Miriam weren't the same major, or living in the same part of the city...."

"And they don't seem to have known each other. At least not that their families knew." Momoko looked up from her notes. "Did you find any leads on a boyfriend? Amy's, I mean? When we talked to her parents, they said there was an ex who didn't take the break-up too well."

She flipped a few pages. "And her younger sister called him a 'creepy stalker jerkweed.' Apparently he even hacked her FacePage at one point."

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