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New Gotham
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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New Gotham City, Saturday night
It was raining in New Gotham. Dinah had the hood of her cape flipped up where she sat on a ledge between two gargoyles, watching the street near where Miriam Cho's body had been found. There'd been a street fight to break up earlier, and a mugging to stop on the main drag. Now she was back to trying to figure out if anyone non-meta could have killed her and gotten away with it.

So far, she was leaning toward 'no.'

[expecting one, but open for phone calls while Dinah stalks rooftops.]

There was another hooded figure, standing on a low (well, low for New Gotham) building's roof across the street. Also seeming to study the layout of the scene.

Dinah noticed said figure after a little movement, one she almost missed, and her eyes narrowed.

Then she shot her grappling hook and swung across the 100-foot drop to land not too far from him. Yup. Same guy.

"I thought you left town."

"I did."

There was a definite grin in his voice.

"It's nice to know you missed me."

"I didn't miss-- you are very annoying, you know that?" Dinah muttered, less irritated than before, actually.

"Part of my charm," he answered in that same tone.

"You think." Dinah snorted, and ducked under a gargoyle to keep the rain off herself. "You do know you're supposed to, oh, check in with the local crimefighters when you show up in a new town?"

"What?" he scoffed. "Like I'm horning in on your territory or something?"

Dinah gave him a Look. Because saying 'duh' would be too juvenile. "What, there's not enough crime in Starling City to keep you occupied?"

He shrugged. "Hey, it's not my fault that criminals seem to think of New Gotham as a vacation spot."

"Well, how can they not?" Dinah said, leaning against one of the over-sized statues, arms crossed. "With our sterling law-and-order stance, our beautiful asylum, and let's not forget the weather." She unfolded one hand to stick it out in the rain. She cut her eyes toward him. "Who is it this time?"

"No one you'd know," he answered off-handedly, shifting slightly to actually turn and face her. Though the hood and the rain kept his features form being too discernible.

"Are you sure?" She kept wanting to be annoyed, but: priorities. "You're not chasing someone who sucks the life out of girls after sex, are you?"

There was no way to actually see it, but he sure managed to give off the impression of eyebrows rising in attention.

"No. Definitely not."

"But you are." Clearly not a question.

Dinah crouched down with a sigh, eyes back on the street below. "Her body was found Wednesday. Aged, dehydrated. Far faster than anything natural could manage." She set her jaw. "Somehow he managed to hack the video cameras in the area too." Another side-look at Arrow. "You'll keep your eyes open?"

He nodded slowly. "Yeah..."

"And... the sex thing?"

That'll get you another side-eye, Arrow.

"Uhm. She'd been with someone. Very recently. According to the coroner's report." Dinah paused. "Don't ask how I got access to that, okay?"

That pause was just a little uncomfortable there. Not a lot of small talk on roof tops, really.

Yeah. He managed to look a bit uncomfortable himself.

"I'll keep my eyes peeled," he said after an awkward moment of silence.

"Great. Super. Thanks." A pause, then Dinah's curiosity flared and she said, "So you can just take off from Starling City for days at a time to hunt criminals here?... which one are you after?"

"Um... I'm after this blackmailer. Real behind-the-scenes player. No fancy names or anything like that."


"Except that some people call him the Broker."

"The 'Broker'? Hunh. Blackmail's ugly, how--" She'd been about to ask how he'd gotten put onto the trail, when there was a beep in her ear.

"Canary, new info."

"Go ahead, Oracle." Dinah frowned, body going tense.

"Another body found. It looks like the same M.O. as Wednesday, near campus."


There was no comment on Dinah's apparent sudden insanity.

"That sounds bad."

Okay, there was some comment.

Dinah turned back to him, still listening to Barbara. "I can't get anything off the cameras in the area again, although this time there's a bit less coverage, so if you could get over and check it out--"

"On my way," Dinah said, one hand up to her earring. "Canary out." She turned to Arrow, and said, "No, it's not. I-- my case just warmed up again. I have to go."

A second of silence while he considered.

"Need another pair of eyes?" He could spare an hour or two from his own search.

Dinah studied him a moment, then said, "Since you're asking..." And not just inviting himself. "Yes." She looked out into the rain, then back to Arrow. "Got a grappling hook with you?"