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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Apartment 34F Cathedral Square, New Gotham City, Friday morning
Dinah woke up to screams. Specifically, Momoko's. Then Gabby yelling threats. Falling out of bed, she staggered in the direction of all the noise, then stopped at the doorway of the bathroom.

"...Josh?" The sleepy, hungover guy who'd been lying in the tub blinked up at her, as Gabby batted at the shower curtain again, and Momoko clutched her toothbrush like a weapon. "Josh, you'll have to go sleep in the sink now. Or on the kitchen counter. Momoko needs to take a shower."

Ahhh. Morning after encounters. So much fun.

[ooc: with collusion and cooperation of heromaniac! Mostly just establishy silliness, but open for calls, texts from last night, or visits from those in the New Gotham vicinity.]

Leto hadn't spoken to Dinah in a long time. In fact, he hadn't spoken to many of his Fandom friends lately. Perhaps being Emperor of the Know Universe and father of Hania was excuse enough? His day would be a long one, most of it dealing with those ambassadors which he couldn't let Alice handle, but before leaving his chambers he picked up his phone and called Dinah.

Dinah was now sitting on the counter, eating cereal from the box and throwing some into Josh's mouth where he lay on the floor. "Dinah and Gabby's House of Recovery, how may I direct your call?"

"House of Recovery? I must have dialed the wrong number."

Leto was relying on Dinah recognizing his voice.

"Leto!" Dinah squealed, making Josh put his hands over his ears. "It's been forever! How are you, how's Alice, how's Hania?"

"I am well, as are Alice and Hania, although the latter still keeps us both awake a lot, which is more tiring for Alice than for me." He would go into more detail on Hania's recent adventures later, should Dinah let him. "And what about yourself? What are you recovering from?"

"Valentine's Day partying," Dinah said, rummaging for more cereal. "Me and Gabby and Momoko all went pub crawling with some friends last night, and whoever isn't hungover is tiiiired. Also, one of our friends crashed in the tub, and we forgot, so it was kind of loud and yelly morning."

"So, hungover, tired or both," Leto replied. "Perhaps I should have thrown a celebration too." While it would be a completely foreign idea to the inhabitants on Arrakis, it wouldn't be stranger than the holidays Alice made up to amuse herself (and him too, of course).

Dropping more cereal in Josh's mouth, Dinah said, "That would be cool! Why not? Make it the Chocolate Day on Arrakis or something. That should be one of the benefits of being Emperor, seriously." Josh gave her a weird look for that, so Dinah dropped more cereal on him. "How are the rest of the benefits of that job right now? People behaving? As much as they ever do?"

"If I expected people to behave I would have been disappointed long ago. The game requires more strategy than that, and to my advantage I can usually predict the outcome well enough." The burden of that had been wearing more heavily on him recently, perhaps in contrast to his family life.

"Alice has included the creation of new and fascinating holidays in her duties, however. She has quite a talent for it." There was amusement in his voice, but also a much deeper feeling of love and gratitude.

"Ha! Oh, that's awesome." He sounded pretty happy when he talked about Alice, at any rate. "Hey, does she have, like, official duties or whatever? I know she's not Empress, but does being with you come with stuff she's got to do?"

"Alice has been taking on some duties of her own choice," Leto said. "Mostly dealing with foreign representatives." Of which the majority returned home more or less confused by the rather excentric reception by the Emperor's Concubine. "But there is not what you would call a job description for her position.

"I'm glad she's got stuff to do, though." She grinned at the idea of Alice offering tea to foreign dignitaries. "Do you guys get to the Sietch very often? And how old is Hania now? I have totally lost track." And it was hard to keep track of how time was flying for Leto. Or crawling. He had so many years ahead of him.

"A year and a half," Leto replied, with the pride of a parent. "Unfortunately we spend less time in the Sietch than I would want to. It's a better place for Hania to grow up than in the palace, but then again, there could be worse places. But we visited a few days ago. Hania decided it was a good day for rock climbing."

There had been plenty of people around and no need for concern. Also, the rock had been very small.

"But what is happening in your life, Dinah? Other than parties?"

"Rock climbing?" Dinah laughed. "Okay, she's definitely your kid. That's adorable. You need to send more pictures. Man, I need to visit before she gets so big she won't want spontaneous hugs or anything... Let's seeeee. Raven's here for the next few months, studying at Gotham U. until Karla graduates, and they go to Kaeleer. So we've been hanging out, doing a little crime-fighting. Momoko's here right now, like I said, because she graduated the police academy early, so ditto. I'm still doing Jump Club, and school's going fine... but I graduate next year, and I really need to find an internship for the summer, or that's not going to help me find a full-time job."

"I will send you pictures. I would insist in your coming here to visit, but I can hear that your life is busy," he replied. "But you are always welcome, you know that." He added: "I see no reason why finding a job would prove difficult for you."

He recalled the girl he had first met in Fandom, and her lack of confidence. Looking back, perhaps he should have acted differently towards her, but the appreciation he had felt had been genuine, and it pleased him to think of how Dinah had grown to become a woman knowing and understanding her talents.

"It's more to do with the economy sucking than anything else, there's not as many jobs around as there could be... but if I can get a good internship with an investigation firm, and get some job experience before I graduate, that'll really help," Dinah explained. "It's not like I can put 'masked vigilante' on my resume." She grinned. "And maybe I can visit before school starts again next fall? Assuming everything is going well on Arrakis."

"There will be nothing happening here to prevent a visit," Leto said. "And I wish I could offer you work and something to write on your resume, but I assume that would be as helpful as 'masked vigilante'."

"Sadly true," Dinah admitted. "Although if you have something cool, I'll happily show up for it. We've got a murder here that looks like a meta did it, but there's not enough clues. I could use a little less frustration." Josh had wandered off to shower by now, so she added, "Hopefully it'll be the only one, though."

"It depends on what you mean by 'cool', but if I can tempt you with excitement..."

"I would love to see more of Arrakeen," Dinah said hopefully. "When the Spice isn't messing with me. I didn't really get to see much when I was there for Hania's naming ceremony."