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Smaller smile
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Various bars & pubs, New Gotham City, Thursday evening on into the night
"HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!" Dinah yelled along with everyone else in The Library (the bar, clearly, not the actual Gotham U. library). So she was two months from legal? Pfftt. This was more about getting chocolate and phone numbers and watching people get silly, than about drinking. Plus, she'd already gotten goodies from Priestly, so today was looking good.

Hmm. Maybe it was time to send Jaime another Kiss-o-gram. Heh. Just to make sure he wasn't studying again...

She'd checked out No Man's Land earlier in the day, and Gibson and the regulars didn't know of any new metas in town with soul-or-life-sucking abilities, so... tonight was a night off, until they had more information.

Dinah blew on her noisemaker and grabbed another Dove candy from the nearest jar, keeping a lookout for Momoko and Raven and her new friend Eric.

[ooc: expecting those mentioned, but totally open for phone calls or late arrivals.

Raven was feeling more relaxed when she and Eric reached the bar. They'd had an enjoyable walk, and a lot of the confusion in her head seemed to have settled.

She looked around for Dinah, smiling and waving at her.

"Raven!" Dinah jumped up on a chair and waved, red cowboy hat tilted back. "C'mon over! Guys, make room for my friends here," she told the group she was with.

Raven made her way over to Dinah, still holding Eric's hand as they waded through the crowd. "Hello, Dinah," she greeted her friend. "This is Eric. Eric, this is my dear friend Dinah."

"Hi," Eric said. "Nice to meet you." Was that an appreciative look in his eyes? Oh, yes, probably.

"Hey! Glad you guys could make it." Dinah grinned at Eric and held out her hand. "Any friend of Raven's, you know?"

And okay, maybe, maybe she wanted to do a *little* scan on him, to see what came up? That was just being a good friend!

Eric took Dinah's hand and bent to kiss it, because he was so charming that way. "Is a friend of mine," he finished.

It was a little hard to get a real read on him for some reason, but Dinah could pick up a hearty dose of "Raven's friend is hot," and no small amount of frustration that they were at the bar instead of back at his place.

"We went to dinner at a vegetarian restaurant not far from here," Raven said, almost bouncing a little. She really was feeling a lot better after her near meltdown after dinner. "Eric is a vegetarian like me."

"That's-- great," Dinah said, unsettled, and taking her hand back as fast as she could.. Oh look. Eric was the exception to the hand-kissing rule. The 'hot' thought wasn't enough to get to Dinah, but that combined with Eric's frustrated focus on Raven-- and wanting to be back at his place on the first date? Yeah, not the greatest first impression. "Glad you guys have that in common."

She rallied and gestured at the group. "Guys, this is Raven and Eric; that's Joff, Mark, Erica, Gabby, Tawna..." Dinah made the introductions, and said, "Want me to get you a cocoa, Raven?"

"We have discovered we have much in common," Raven said after greeting Dinah's other friends. She giggled a little and dropped her voice. "He even likes Rumor Gal," she confided.

Louder, she said, "Yes, please, I would enjoy that."

Eric pulled out his wallet and fished out a credit card. "This round's on me," he said. He looked over to Raven. "Sure you don't want something stronger, babe?"

Dinah mouthed 'babe?' at Gabby, who rolled her eyes, and bit her tongue. Raven could handle it, she was a big girl. "Really, we invited you guys, you don't have to," she tried to demur.

Momoko poked her head in between them. "Don't have to what? Sorry I'm late. I had a few things to finish up that will be posted later."

"Hello, Momoko," Raven greeted her. "Eric was just offering to buy a round of drinks."

She shook her head at Eric. "I do not consume alcohol very often," she said. Certainly not in public away from Fandom. "I am what you call a lightweight."

Eric gave Momoko the once over. Mmm, redhead. "Hi," he said. "Nice to meet you."

Yeah, Dinah caught that. The second impression wasn't going so hot either for Eric there.

She plastered a smile on her face though and said, "Getting drinks! You guys talk! Have some chocolate! I'll be right back!" And without an alcoholic drink for Eric, who she was willing to bet would not get more charming with booze in him.

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