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New Gotham
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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The Clocktower, New Gotham City, Wednesday Night
Barbara had managed to get the medical examiner's report on the girl found near Gotham University campus (female, Asian, 21, identified as Miriam Cho... a junior, like Dinah) and was now reading over the medical details.

"...extreme dehydration, myocardial infarction..."

And no visible wounds. Looked like it was going to be a long evening. She listened to Dinah hitting the practice dummy in the exercise space above, and took a long sip of coffee before diving back in.

[ooc: expecting a couple people, but Babs & Dinah are here if you want to phone, e-mail, or text as well.]

As she'd discussed with Dinah on the phone the day before, Raven headed to the Clocktower that evening, keeping an eye out for any trouble as she did. She didn't see anything out of the ordinary before she arrived, and she was pleased by that, at least.

"Raven, hi," Barbara looked up from her perusal of the files to smile and say, "Dinah's--" Thwapping noises from directly above them. "Practicing. How are you?"

"I am well, thank you," Raven said, greeting her with a smile. "How are you? Are you working on finding information on that unfortunate incident Dinah observed yesterday?"

"She told you about that already?" Barbara sighed and leaned back, pinching the bridge of her nose. "Yes, and it's unfortunately looking like something within our area."

"Thank you!" Momoko cheerfully called and then rode up the elevator and bounced into the room. Most people wouldn't know she was worried about anything let alone her future! "I'm totally sorry I didn't call first, but I wasn't sure if I was going to actually get the portal until the last minute!"

Ah! "Raven! Hi!" She looked from one to the other, then, "Am I interrupting something?"

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"Momoko, hello, it is good to see you," Raven said, arms out for a hug.

"Barbara is looking into a crime that occurred yesterday near the Gotham University campus," she explained. "Someone may have been killed by something other than mundane means, which may require our investigation. Dinah told me a little about it yesterday when we spoke on the phone." She added the last in answer to Barbara's question.

"Hi guys!" Dinah actually flipped over the railing, landing on her feet, to Barbara's, "Not without a mat!" and then sticking out her tongue.

"So, what did you find?" She leaned over to hug Momoko hello, and added, "You guys want any snacks?"

"Not mundane?" Momoko's hug for Raven was tight and full of happy, her own reasons for coming to New Gotham fully and firmly put aside at the mention. "What does that mean? And can I help?"

She jumped slightly at Dinah's rather energetic entrance, then chuckled and hugged her back. "Food is always welcome!"

"A meta-human may be involved," Raven said. At least that's how she was defining "our area" as Barbara had stated.

"I have not eaten dinner yet," she told Dinah, "so I would welcome a snack as well."

"Cool, don't start without me--" Dinah said.

Then lights were flashing, Barbara was frowning, and calm recording of Barbara's voice was saying, "Delphi Circuit incursion. Invoking server protection protocols."

"Oh no you did not," Barbara muttered, rolling close to two keyboards and working both of them at once, as well as a touch-screen. "No, no, no, and no."

"Sounds like it started?" Momoko muttered, taking a step towards the computers. "Is something wrong?"

"What is a Delphi Circuit incursion?" Raven said, moving closer as well so she could see the screens, but staying well out of Barbara's way.

"Someone's trying to hack our files," Dinah said, sounding disturbed. She leaned over Barbara's shoulder, then backed up as Barbara rolled back and forth, hitting buttons and speaking in a low voice to the computer system. "The Delphi Circuit is Barbara's name for all the secure meta-files and information we use to track crime." She frowned and added aloud, "And who the hell managed to get this far?"

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Hi! Hi! There was a friendly face on the view screen, waving wildly from just outside the family entrance.

Yes, the family entrance and not the clock-face window.

"Hello? Ms Barbara? Are you home? Can I come up and visit?"

"Of course, Momoko. Come right up." Barbara hit the release for the elevator, then called up to Dinah, "Momoko's on her way up! And Raven's here."

"Down in a sec!" THWAP.