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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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New Gotham City, edge of campus, Tuesday afternoon
Dinah had been heading to Wired for more coffee before her next class when she spotted the police tape and patrol cars at the edge of campus.

There wasn't a crowd - yet - but there were still a few people gathered on one side of the line. She made her way forward and asked a man next to her, "What's going on?"

"Someone found a body next to that dumpster," the guy said, sounding disturbed. "I heard someone say she was dressed like a student."

Looking around, Dinah spotted a traffic camera; hopefully Barbara would be able to access it and get something useful if the police couldn't. "Thanks."

As she walked past one of the beat cops, she heard him mutter to another, "That's really freaking me out, man."

"Not the weirdest I've seen... but yeah. Mummies, those are new."

Mummies? What the... Dinah resolved to check in with Barbara ASAP, and plan a clandestine trip to the morgue that night, if necessary.

[ooc: establishy, but open if you want to phone her.]

Raven hadn't seen Dinah in a few days, so she decided to call her and see how she was doing.

Ring, ring!

Dinah had her coffee now, and scrambled for her phone with one hand when Raven's ring-tone sang out. "Hey, Raven. Hope your day is less weird than mine."

"Mine was fairly ordinary," Raven said, frowning. "What has happened? Are you all right?"

"I'm fine. But there's been a weird death, just off campus... you'll be more careful around school, right? I don't know anything for sure yet, but it might be a meta-caused death." Dinah grimaced. "I'm going to have Barbara look into it as soon as I can."

"Was it a student?" Raven asked, worried now. She didn't teleport very much on campus because she didn't want to risk being seen, so she often walked across it at night. She'd never been bothered before, though.

"What happened to this person? I have not heard anything about it yet. Is there anything I can do to help?"

"Possibly," Dinah hedged. "I just saw the police at the crime scene, and overheard a few things. Apparently the body looks like a mummy, so-- not your usual mugging. And maybe? Barbara's probably going to hack the medical examiner's office as soon as they have a report, so... if there's anything to follow up on, I might ask for an assist on getting in there." The less chance of being seen the better, and if Barbara needed any kind of tissue samples, it would be better not to put Reese at risk by asking him for help.

Turning a corner on campus, Dinah crossed the quad toward the library. "Anyway, why'd you call? How is your week going?"

"I merely wished to see how you were doing, since I have not seen you for a few days," Raven said. She sat down on her bed with a sigh. "And...I have been asked out on a date."

She still couldn't believe she'd said yes, even though she'd clearly told him it was a not-date.

"Oooooo!" Dinah stopped to bounce in the middle of the sidewalk, to the amusement of a few passersby. "Just in time for Valentine's Day! Who is he, where'd you meet him?"

"His name is Eric, and he is in one of my classes," Raven said. "But I have made it clear to him I have no interest in a romantic relationship. However, he insisted on treating me to a dinner to repay me for loaning him my notes."

"Hmmm. Well, that's nice of him," Dinah pointed out, walking again. "And are you just not interested in him, or not interested in anyone, right now?"

Raven was silent for a moment. "Not anyone," she finally said.

"Aww, hon. Well, that's... valid." Everybody took their own time to get over break-ups. "So, you told him that, and he still wants to go somewhere with you-- so just have fun. Splurge on Valentine's Day chocolate desserts. Make a new friend. What was his last name? And I was gonna invite you along on the Valentine's pub crawl, but this sounds more fun."

Raven had added a silent "ever" to her words, but she wasn't going to get into that with Dinah right now.

"Forrester," she said. "He is good with computers as well. He fixed mine this past weekend in the library. But what is this pub crawl? Perhaps I could invite him along for that instead of dinner?" That would be less intimate and not give him the wrong idea, though she thought she'd been perfectly clear.

"You think? Or maybe you guys can join us after dinner, that'd be cool. It's me and some of my Jump Club buddies, we hit all the bars around campus that are having specials, wear red cowboy hats or heart deely-bob headbands, try to get phone numbers. Especially those of us currently un-hooked-up. And I send photos to Jaime and people to remind them to go have fun." Dinah grinned. "You could call and I'll text you where we are, maybe? And you guys can catch up with us."

"Yes, I think that would be a good idea," Raven said, smiling at the phone. "That way he could meet my friends. I will suggest that to him Thursday."

"Works!" Dinah beamed. "Here's hoping that nothing messes up Valentine's Day." She frowned. "I mean, crime's important. I'd still go deal with it, but... it's nice to have plans that don't necessarily get messed up by random people with arrows or electroshock bracelets or whatever."

Yeah, no, no word from Arrow. Not that she'd expected there to be. Not that he had her number. Or anything.

Mmm, Arrow. Forgive Raven while she became distracted for a moment.

"Yes, it would be nice to enjoy an evening free of any distress," Raven agreed. "And I hope that whatever you encountered today was an isolated incident, and there is no danger so close to the university."

"Me too." They could always hope, yeah. "Momoko's supposed to be back tomorrow, by the way, so if you want to see her, stop by the Clocktower. I'm not sure what time, but you know Alfred always cooks extra when she shows up."

"Oh, I would love to see her, of course," Raven said. "I will surely come by to visit."

"Cool. Then I'll see you soon, and stay careful, okay?" Dinah smiled. "Love you, Raven."

Raven got up and moved to her window, glancing down to the campus below to see if by chance there was anything suspicious. It looked normal and safe enough to her, for now at least.

"I love you, too," she said. "I will be careful, I promise. And I will see you tomorrow."