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New Gotham
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Downtown New Gotham, Wednesday evening
"You ready for this, Raven?"

Dinah was perched on the fire escape above Raven, watching the diamond district shops across the street. 'Bad Penny', the woman Arrow had been following, had started a series of smash-and-grabs after dark the week after New Year's, and hospitalized enough security guards and police personnel that Oracle had taken an interest. The pattern so far suggested she'd be hitting this street tonight.

A good time to try and break in a new crimefighter.

[for the one mentioned, but open for phone calls]

Dinah grimaced. She hated to accept this guy's help, but... "I can swing out with both of us, but if you have a better exit, we'll take it," she admitted. She put an arm around Raven's shoulders.

[*pats* and I was comatose, it's all good.]

The smirk that settled across Arrow's features was pretty aggravating, it was true. "This way, then, ladies."

Dinah followed him and muttered, "Bad Penny down, as well as minions, leaving the scene, Oracle." A pause. "With Arrow."

Tell him I'll be in contact soon.

Dinah looked up, and grinned upon seeing a camera following them. "Will do."

"We good to go?" Arrow asked, not pausing to look back at her despite the question.

"Lead the way," Dinah said, gesturing to him. "We'll talk when we're secure."