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New Gotham
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Downtown New Gotham, Wednesday evening
"You ready for this, Raven?"

Dinah was perched on the fire escape above Raven, watching the diamond district shops across the street. 'Bad Penny', the woman Arrow had been following, had started a series of smash-and-grabs after dark the week after New Year's, and hospitalized enough security guards and police personnel that Oracle had taken an interest. The pattern so far suggested she'd be hitting this street tonight.

A good time to try and break in a new crimefighter.

[for the one mentioned, but open for phone calls]

Dinah got a long, thoughtful look while Raven went to work on Penny, then a shrug. "Worth a shot, I suppose."

A couple of quick movements were all it took to secure the flare to the arrow's shaft. No point in delaying, so he simply drew and fired, the flare becoming a streak of light across the room as it slammed into the fire extinguisher head right above where Penny had stopped screaming.

Raven's attempt had at least stopped Penny from shrieking, electricity contained to her clenched fists, but she startled when the arrow zoomed by her head. She frowned upward, then grinned maniacally. "You missed!"

Then the sprinklers went off. And she screamed again, jerking as one of the electrical sparks in her hands burned her up to the elbow. Her eyes rolled up as she shudder, electricity temporarily unaimed and out of control.

Another arc reached out toward Arrow, as Dinah tried to roll away through the falling water.

He could have dodged, but he was too busy shoving Dinah out of the way.

Which was kind of a silly choice since his hands met with empty air. Apparently Dinah was quite capable of diving out of the way without any assistance.



Dinah was now the one doing the shoving, using TK to hopefully get the guy far enough away to break the connection-- and tackling Penny, trusting to the kevlar-and-ceramic elements of her suit to keep her mostly grounded.

Penny went down, unconscious, no longer sparking, and Dinah checked her pulse, then got to her feet, turning back. "Arrow? Raven, check him!"

Raven was already moving to Arrow's side, kneeling beside him to see how badly he was injured. The bolt of electricity had seared his stomach, but it was nothing she could not handle, even weakened as she was.

"Just relax, please, and I will heal you," she said, placing her hands over his injuries and drawing them into herself. She could sense several old wounds as well, but she ignored them for the time being, focusing her energies on where they were needed most. The burns beneath her fingers vanished, and she sucked in her breath as the pain hit her.

But seeing the abs her healing left behind? Was a little bit of a distraction from the pain.

She could be shallow. Sometimes.

Dinah finish zip-tying Penny's hands behind her back, and placed her in the recovery position-- out of the range of the puddle of water-- then looked over to see what was happening.

"Raven? Hey! Not too much all at once!" She strode over to check on Arrow herself, and on her friend, one hand on Raven's arm.

Okay, she got distracted by the abs for a second. A second. That was all. "Arrow? C'mon, guy, wake up."

"'m fine," he muttered groggily as he got his eyes open, smoke still rising from a burned spot along his ribcage.

Raven took care of the worst of the injury, then sat back on her heels, wrapping one arm around her stomach as the pain worked through her. "You will be fine," she said. "The damage has been undone."

She looked up at Dinah. "Are you all right?"

Dinah did a quick check, now that the adrenaline was wearing off; bruises only, and nodded. "I'm good. Are you? I saw your Soul Self explode, I was afraid you were going to pass out."

She checked on Arrow, and muttered, "You're new in town. You were after Penny?"

Secret identity, secret identity... which was weird when she'd met someone in a fight zone as Dinah first, and had to remember that hey, she'd never met them before. She was pretty sure she'd failed at that part, though.

Sitting up, Arrow rubbed absently at the small burn in his suit. "Guilty on both counts," he allowed.

"Gotta say, you two showing up was a surprise."

Raven addressed Dinah's concerns first. "It was very painful, but I will be all right," she said. She still hurt, but she could sense her Soul-Self mending itself.

She gave Arrow a curious look. "Are you a superhero as well, then?"

"Crimefighter. And why surprised?" Dinah said absently, shifting on her feet. A siren was going off in the distance, probably triggered by a fire alarm. "We should get out of here. More explanation when we're not going to get arrested." She held out a hand to Arrow, then was annoyed at herself for doing that, because she'd meant to be cross-examining him, and okay, she was looking at his abs again.


With a small smirk, Arrow reached out and took her hand, pulling himself to his feet. "She's new in town. Wouldn't expect anyone to have picked up on her."

"We are very protective of New Gotham," Raven said. She wasn't sure just how much they should tell this stranger, even if he had aided them, so she'd let Dinah decide that.

She glanced to Dinah. "I do not think it wise that I attempt to teleport at this moment," she said. "We will have to leave by more conventional means."

"Yes. That." Dinah stepped over some of the unconscious thugs, and headed for the door, glad for the mask to hide her expression at one more mis-step at not being surprised enough. She held the door for Raven and Arrow, then started climbing the nearest fire escape on the building behind the store. "Also, Oracle keeps us updated..." She tapped her earring and lowered her voice. "Bad Penny in custody momentarily. Arrow and Raven with me."

"Arrow?" Barbara's voice was extremely curious. "Ask him how long he'll be staying in New Gotham. And tell him that I'd like to have consult."

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