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New Gotham
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Downtown New Gotham, Wednesday evening
"You ready for this, Raven?"

Dinah was perched on the fire escape above Raven, watching the diamond district shops across the street. 'Bad Penny', the woman Arrow had been following, had started a series of smash-and-grabs after dark the week after New Year's, and hospitalized enough security guards and police personnel that Oracle had taken an interest. The pattern so far suggested she'd be hitting this street tonight.

A good time to try and break in a new crimefighter.

[for the one mentioned, but open for phone calls]

Raven adjusted her mask, still unused to wearing it, but she understood the need. She'd almost jeopardized that New Year's Eve as she dealt with Poison Ivy, but fortunately her display of her powers hadn't been visible, and there'd been so much chaos she hadn't been noticed much anyway.

"I think so," she said. "I am anxious, but I am ready."

"Cool. Remember: henchmen first, Bad Penny last. And if I get electro-shocked, get me out of there first. I don't want her getting cute ideas about taking you out while you're healing me, or someone else." She tapped her earring and said quietly, "Oracle, status?"

"Police frequencies are quiet, Canary. Stay sharp."

Dinah settled back on her heels, and kept her gaze across the street. "I'm glad you're here tonight. Especially if anyone gets hurt."

"I am glad to be able to help," Raven said, "though I hope that particular gift of mine will not truly be needed."

She peered at the shops, watching for any movement. "How many henchmen do you thinks he will have? Will they be as dangerous as Bad Penny?"

"So far, from the damage, I'd guess no more than five." Dinah tapped her fingers on the railing she was leaning against, eyes narrowing. "Shouldn't be a problem if we keep the element of surprise. They don't sound like they're well-trained, just local muscle." She straightened as she spotted movement in one of the alleys. "Oracle, do you have eyes on the corner of Ward and Newmar?"

Clicking, and then, "Five people on three motorcycles, one of them now monkeying with the alarm system. Looks like our girl. Stay in contact."

Dinah grinned wide. "Meet you on the roof, Raven!" And shot her grappling hook across the street.

Raven watched Dinah for a moment to make certain she was going to make it across all right. She had faith in Dinah's skills, but she still worried, just a little bit.

Then she teleported across the street, reappearing on the roof.

Dinah crouched down, and peered over the edge of the roof, watching as the woman she was pretty sure was Bad Penny shorted out the alarm system, and then ushered four men into the store before going in herself. Checking around, she found the roof access, and started jimmying it open.

When Raven appeared, she said softly, "Got it," and held open the door. "Stay in the shadows. Silent until we've taken out at least two of them, hopefully."

Raven slipped inside, her heart racing with excitement. She nodded at Dinah's words. "I can try to subdue them with my Soul-Self," she said quietly.

Somewhere Karla was probably getting a bad feeling.

Dinah considered, then said cautiously, "Only one at a time. We don't know what kind of weapons they've got on them."

The staircase ended at a corridor, and Dinah saw that they'd left a guy at the door to watch their backs. Smart. He had a sawed-off shotgun; smarter.

She nodded toward Raven, putting a finger to her lips to indicate silence.

Raven wasn't sure she could use her Soul-Self to envelop the man without him seeing it and calling out in panic, so instead she reached out with her empathic powers first. She focused on a feeling of utter contentment, trying to relax the man so that he'd lower his guard.

The guy started to slump against the doorway, gun pointing down-ward, eyes drooping.

Dinah reached out with her telekinesis, and gently pulled on the gun. It slid out of his grasp, and he watched it float away from him with a lazy look.

Raven let her Soul-Self rise from her body and slip through the shadows overhead. It dropped down over the guard from above, wrapping him in the darkness. A moment later it withdrew, leaving the man slumped on the ground, unconscious.

"He will sleep for some time," she whispered to Dinah.

"One down," Dinah said quietly, tapping her earring. She took a breath. "Now it gets tricky."

She walked over, then crouched down, easing the door open and angling a small mirror to look for anyone moving. No one. She darted through the door and got behind a counter, gesturing to Raven.

Another guy nearly gave her a heart attack, walking right by her from behind another counter, and she froze.

Raven had been slipping through the door when she saw Dinah freeze. She halted as well, unsure if the man could see her. She certainly hoped not.

No such luck.

"Hey!" The guy swung his gun to point at Raven. "What the hell are you doing here? Boss! We got company!"

Dinah leapt upward and toward the guy, kicking out and yanking with her TK to get the gun out of the equation first.

Raven darted all the way into the room, trying to get out of the way of Dinah and the henchman. As she scanned the room to try to see where Bad Penny and her other minions were, she spotted a broom against the wall and grabbed hold of it. It wasn't exactly a fighting stick, but it might do to defend herself.

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