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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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A much less conveniently openable crypt in the graveyard, Monday morning
Then Dinah woke up. Clutching at her midsection, and then collapsing backward in relief. Not dead! Yay! Not dead!

Priestly's arm was flailed over her. And he was breathing. So yay! He'd gotten through without dying this time.

... what the hell had they been on?

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"Sometimes," Priestly grumbled softly without bothering to move or even open his eyes, "I really hate this island."

"I feel ya," Dinah said. Then immediately regretted that. She scrubbed at her face with one hand, then frowned. "Did I get shot by a pony?"

"Yep." Priestly sighed. "A pony that I called my mom."

Dinah petted his hair, absently, muttering, "I don't even want to know who your dad was supposed to be. Holy crap." She steeled herself and glanced down. Hey. She was wearing underwear. Yay. Nothing else but a parka, but underwear was good. "What happened after I... was it like that for you, those times? 'Cause I only 'died' that one time and I woke up in the Clinic right away and that was weird." Not even an adequate word, but it was the only one she had right now.

"No, I think the spooky lighting effects were special." Priestly rubbed his face and slowly sat up. He was pretty sure his shirt had to be around here, somewhere. "This was way more 'what the hell, why was I an alternate personality in someone else's head' and less 'fuck that reality might really exist out there, somewhere'." He rubbed his chin, then tilted his head to crack his neck, wondering if the headache was a side effect of shooting himself in the head, or just a standard Fandom-hangover. "The melodrama makes it somewhat less traumatic."

"A lot less... personal," Dinah had to agree, struggling into the parka. It was getting cold in that crypt. Okay. Someone had to say it.

"We had sex in a crypt."

"Several times," Priestly noted, looking around the space while he tried to give Dinah the privacy to get the parka settled. "The pillow room at the hotel seems like it might have been a better choice." Would result in less road rash on his knees, for instance. "It was prettier when we got here, right? I remember it seeming atmospheric."

"Smelled better too. Like roses? Not so much like dust and spiderwebs." Dinah sighed, then hopped off the raised casket she'd been lying on. "And yeah, I swear, I think there was candlelight..."

Really. It had been pretty awesome. And yet, still brain-breaky. Just, not the part where she'd had sex with Priestly. She was much more okay with that than she'd been last time.

Dinah contemplated that, then hesitantly asked, "Are you okay?"

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Priestly considered that. He did have kind of a history of freaking out over this stuff, after all. But maybe it was maturity, maybe it was shock, maybe it was just how absurd and detached from his usual personality the whole affair had been, but this time, he was mostly just tired.

"Yeah," he said finally. "I mean, I'm not looking forward to opening up the diner with a headache, but I'm good. You?"

"Enh." Dinah sneezed. "Cold. Embarrassed at some of the stuff I said. Relieved it's done." She picked up a T-shirt on the floor, and held it up to check if it was hers. Then held it out to Priestly. "Hungry. Headache? You could take the morning off..."

"Yeeeeeah, then the cook would know something dumb happened." Priestly gratefully pulled the shirt on, equally grateful that he'd managed to keep his kilt on for the . . . adventures, this weekend.

"He will anyway, if it made Radio," Dinah realized, then facepalmed. "Oh God. I told Momoko we were going to get married."

"We're never going to hear the end of that." He didn't know the half of it. "This is, what, the third time the island has randomly thrown us at each other? You'd think it had ideas or something."

"Gah. Seriously." Dinah sighed, thinking about it. "She didn't even try to stop me. Just for that, I'll tell her I died." Maybe. Maybe not. Traumatizing her wouldn't help, would it? "It's probably proximity. The Island thinks 'hey, make them crazy, oh, two for the price of one, they're within ten feet of each other.'"

"I'd say the answer must be for you to not come back to the island, but that would be sad."

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