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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Gotham University, New Gotham City, Tuesday
Dinah had sent Raven a text that she'd be on-campus this afternoon, and was hanging out waiting for her first class of the semester to start ("Political Terrorism: What We've Learned Since No Man's Land").

Hmm, another global text:

Add/Drop 'A History of Vigilantes' ? Depressing, uplifting? Or add 'Prisons and Asylums: Where Arkham is Failing'?

[open for texts, phone calls, visits from those in New Gotham]

And a timely text that was -- it served as the perfect reminder that Priestly was being terribly neglectful of keeping his BFF up-to-date.

But, well, that's what happened when someone suddenly handed you a restaurant.

Either way, Dinah's phone was a-ringing away.


"Dinah Lance, not free-lance! What's doing, Sous?"

"Personally, I think your whole curriculum needs far more useful things like nutrition and not burning your new apartment down with the stove, but that's just me. I vote History of Vigilantism." Because answering her actual text was of vital importance. "Aaaaaaaaaaand guess where I am?"

"Please don't say some airport in Asia again," Dinah pouted. "The only good thing about that was the glass noodles. You didn't even meet a yak. And yeah, it's not cheating for me to take it? Although, I guess most vigilantes are less with the targeted mob members and more about the random violence..."

"Cheating at what? I'm pretty sure in your line of work you get to take all the advantages you can get. Also, I haven't met a yak yet." Priestly took a deep breath. "I'm in Fandom!"

To anyone but Dinah, that probably sounded actually cheerful.

And a lot of that was because she knew the back-story.

"..." Dinah took a moment. "Yay? Um. Yay! Did you get your job at the diner back?" Then a pause. "So, uh, how'd everyone at the Grill take the move?"

"Believe it or not, they told me to come. Yesterday. While handing me portal tickets for this morning." His friends were the best. Really. "Apparently, they think I'll deal better with everything if I'm somewhere where people's first reaction isn't to put me in an institution. Which admittedly is kind of what I was thinking, too, so . . . yeah." What was her other question? "And I guess you could say I got my job at the diner back? Except for how it's a cafe, now? And I seem to be the manager."

He had keys and Excel spreadsheets and everything.

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So what was a girl to do on a slow night on patrol except do her reading for class while hanging out in a graveyard, really? Take a moment to send a text message, that was what.

Someone tell me again why I thought it was a good idea to pick a major with a molecular bio prereq?

Not that this was the class reading Kennedy was doing at the moment; it sort of had to take a backseat to her Portuguese homework. It was a convenient thing to complain about, though.

Dinah's thumbs were flying.

Aaack. Molecular anything. What the heck is a prereq to? Taking a sip of her mocha, Dinah added, How's the demon-slaying?

Phys Ed teaching degree. Hey, useful and convenient to the whole teaching-girls-to-fight gig. Kennedy squinted off into the distance; nope, just a passing stray cat. And Willow won't do my homework for me. Upside, the book makes a good weapon.

Cool! See, that was a job Dinah might be good at, if the whole private eye thing didn't pan out. And she shouldn't, but I'd have asked her too. When are you gonna need that in your job? Either job. Seriously!

It was a few minutes before Kennedy replied; she'd pocketed her phone to put her Portuguese textbook in her backpack, pick up her stake, and circle around to a different part of the graveyard.

Hell if I know. You could probably just about hear her whining. I'm in charge of training girls to fight. Do I really have to know how the science stuff works?

Not unless you have to rescue someone from a mad scientist... oh wait. That was a little more likely than would usually be true. But then, that's what you have Willow for? It's what I have Barbara for, jeez.

Yeah, the mad scientist thing? Totally not out of the realm of possibility.

That's what I tried to tell her! She thinks I should still learn it because it's, and I quote, "really nifty."

A moment, then a second message:

I'm dating the world's biggest most adorable nerd.

God help them all if Willow and Barbara ever got in touch.

The geekgasm would be visible from space.

Nifty! Nifty. You're dating a girl who says 'nifty.' Dinah couldn't let that go un-commented on. THAT IS KEEN.

Okay, so, just signed up for the vigilantes. Can always drop if it's pointless. Got Soc, "Sex and Crime" and History of Asia. And Stats. AGAIN.

They were enemies.

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