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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Santa Cruz beach, Monday morning
Dinah and Ozzy had spent most of Sunday hanging out and hanging ten. And then there'd been a bonfire party.

And finally there'd been a proposition, as the party started to break up.

"...so, were you just going home now?" Dinah bit her lip, wishing she'd thought to get tips from Tish before trying this. She'd already held Ozzy's hand for a while. It was cheating, but... he was a good guy. So this wasn't a terrible idea. "The night's not over yet."

Ozzy grinned at her. "You have another suggestion?"

Dinah straightened. Smiled. "We could walk on the beach a bit."

"We could do that."

So there'd been walking. And talking. Lots of talking. About surfing, about Ozzy's plans to go pro, about Dinah's plans for being a private eye, about stuff like the Jump Club. Priestly and Tish, Trucker and Zo... his friends, her friends.... Ozzy was four years older than her, he already knew what he was going to do with his life. They'd wound up at an all-night diner getting food, still talking.

Then the sun came up.

Dinah stared at it, then blurted out, "I was going to seduce you!" Just drown me at high tide.

Ozzy was laughing. "Maybe you did." He grinned at her. "I definitely want to see you again."

"I leave today. In a few hours." Dinah pouted, then had to grin back. "Next time, maybe?"

"Next time." Ozzy slung an arm around her shoulders. Then tried to steal her French toast. "Definitely."

[ooc: open for phone calls, texts, and later interaction with Santa Cruz types during the day before Dinah leaves for New Gotham.]