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Santa Cruz beach, Sunday evening
Dinah had gotten up early to practice Tai Chi moves with Trucker, after an exciting Saturday. After the meditation, they'd caught some of the swells with other surfers.

Including a guy named Mandy.

"Seriously? That's your name?" Dinah was trying hard not to laugh.

"It's short for Ozymandius. My dad was a literature professor. And stoned when I was born." He looked long-suffering. "And only jackass over there calls me Mandy."

"Love you too, man!" His friend threw him the devil's horns before diving back into the swells.

"Everyone else calls me Ozzy." He flashed a grin at her and Dinah beamed back. "Ready?"


So they'd spent most of the day surfing. Which as far as Dinah was concerned, was the perfect kind of first date.

And now it was bonfire time! Wooo!

[ooc: establishy, but open to Santa Cruz types]


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