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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Jen & Priestly's place, Santa Cruz, Wednesday afternoon
Dinah's vacation was half-over, but she couldn't say it hadn't been full. Aside from the Showdown on Sunday, yesterday had resolved things for Trucker, Piper, and Jen and Fuzzy. Awwwwwwww! Next bit of awesome: Kennedy was back in contact!

She'd also lost her bet/challenge/deal with Priestly, so, Red Boots Fashion Show time it was.

There might have just been a tiny problem with the lacings. And her nerves.

[for denizens of Santa Cruz, phone calls, and texts!]

"I don't mind." And it might be funny to watch later, if she got too flustered to watch Priestly's reaction. "Let's go." Taking a breath, and making sure the dress wasn't going to fall, Dinah reached for the doorknob.

"Here I come, guys," she called.

Priestly jumped up from where he'd been slouched on the couch next to Jen, teasing Piper about Noah and Julia. "Finally! What took you two so -- holy wow."

Dinah grinned and caaaarefully walked forward, then managed a curtsy. His expression was just as great as the ones from trying on New Year's dresses. Maybe even better. "See? I keep my promises. Red boots." And she didn't feel too silly, either, thanks to Tish.

Priestly gaped some more. Jen and Piper offered thumbs up behind him.

"I knew that dress was the winner," Piper said. "Those boots are amazing."

"You look great," Jen agreed.

"Holy wow," said Priestly again. Behind Dinah, Tish rolled her eyes. These two had to have a history in there, somewhere.

Priestly's gape gave into a grin. "See? I told you those boots would be awesome!"

It was a secret history. That would take an archaeologist or time-traveler to explain.

"Thanks, guys." Dinah beamed at Piper and Jen, and admitted, "Yes, yes you did. I might actually get the nerve to wear them out in New Gotham, with a dress like this one." She leaned forward to hug him, relieved it had all come out well.

Priestly made sure to meet her half way. He didn't want her falling over on those heels. "Best spring break ever?"

"Ever!" She gave him a squeeze, then turned back to Tish, still holding up her camera-phone. "You got his expression, right?"

"Sending you the file now," Tish assured her.

"Yes!" Dinah punched the air, and walked over to hug Tish. "Really great Spring Break."

Tish was slightly taken aback at the hug, but didn't show it. "Glad we could help."