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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Jen & Priestly's place, Santa Cruz, Wednesday afternoon
Dinah's vacation was half-over, but she couldn't say it hadn't been full. Aside from the Showdown on Sunday, yesterday had resolved things for Trucker, Piper, and Jen and Fuzzy. Awwwwwwww! Next bit of awesome: Kennedy was back in contact!

She'd also lost her bet/challenge/deal with Priestly, so, Red Boots Fashion Show time it was.

There might have just been a tiny problem with the lacings. And her nerves.

[for denizens of Santa Cruz, phone calls, and texts!]

"Maaaybe." Dinah held her hands up. "I won't tell him, whatever you say. But I have to wonder, I'm his best friend." And if Tish just definitely wasn't, well... she could stop Priestly from doing something that would hurt himself. Without getting specific.

"Is this the part where you threaten me if I hurt him?" Tish asked. It wasn't quite an answer, but it wasn't really not one, either.

"Priestly wouldn't let me. But I could." Dinah quirked her lips. "I wouldn't anyway. Stuff happens. Sometimes it's nobody's fault." Which she knew from her own fairly recent break-up. "And I don't think you'd do it deliberately. You're not that girl."

That would be Selene. Who Dinah would bitch-slap if she ever even showed up.

Tish looked at Dinah with a new respect. "Yeah," she said. "Thanks." Most people just went for the hyperbolic threat whether it made sense or not. "I do," she admitted. "I don't think he'd go for my usual lines, though."

"What are they? ... although, he's known you for a year, he's probably seen most of them, hunh."

"And called me on them," Tish said cheerfully. "It's not my fault if most of the guys around here are dumb enough to fall for 'I've never had a guy pleasure me properly before'."

"Seriously?" Dinah stared. "Seriously?... Yeah, maybe I won't find a fling here." She snorted. "And no. He's definitely not that dumb." She leaned back, staring at the ceiling. "You could just say, 'hey, we should do something', you know. That's always worked for me with guys. When I was sure they were interested, anyway." Ahem. Aaaand... "Worth trying?"

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"Hey, you don't need a smart guy to have a fling. That's the point." Tish sighed. "Though you have to be careful. Tad was the good one, in that arena. Terrible everywhere else, but he knew how to treat a girl in bed, up until the part where he invited his roommate to join in without asking first." Which trumped all the other stuff, yes. "And maybe I will. Hey, you wouldn't happen to know his first name, would you?"

"Gaaah. Now I want to find those guys and hurt them a lot. Zen or no zen philosophy from Trucker." Dinah growled, eyebrows going down. "Not cool... I've only been with two guys, and they were both great like that, but we'd dated a long while before. I have no idea how to pick up a guy for a fling and then put him down again gently." She grimaced, then grinned at Tish's question. "Yeees."

"I usually go with 'hey, let's have sex' and then don't call them again."

That was Tish, master communicator.

"What is it? It's so weird not knowing."

"Not gonna tell. It's not fair, he didn't actually tell me, I overheard Naomi use it at one of the Parent-Teacher weekends," Dinah explained. "And you don't feel bad about that?" Maybe she really wasn't cut out for flings at all. "They don't mind?"

"It's how hook-ups work," Tish said. There was a knock at the door and she went to go crack it open. "Piper, you're a life saver." She closed the door again and held up a bag. "Let's see what she brought for us." She started digging through and pulling out articles of clothing. The black skirt she'd mentioned, a fluffy, more cheerleadery one in blue plaid, a black strapless dress, a denim mini. "And come on. How can I ask a guy out if I don't even know his first name? I mean, I usually don't know much, but I know that at least."

"Soooo..." Dinah laughed. "Start with that. He's embarrassed about it, and it's -- real different. But it's a good place to begin, right?"

BOAZ. Lena had giggled over it for a reason.

"I think the plaid one would either break Priestly's brain or make him laugh. Not sure which. He was a cheerleader."

"Seriously?" Tish shook her head. "I swear, the more I learn about that boy. . . ." Like that he was so sure he could have been Tad if things had gone differently. Tish wondered how much Dinah had to do with the differently part. "I'm guessing that was after he switched schools? I know he says he played football when he was still going here."

A lot less than anyone might think. Priestly had already been sweet before he got to Fandom. "Yeah, our school in Maryland didn't have any other sports teams, but the cheerleaders went to tournaments and stuff. They were good, too. I used to go by and watch practice sometimes. Pyramids and throwing people in the air." She grinned, then fingered the strapless dress, looking thoughtful. "This probably won't fit." But her tone sounded wistful.

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