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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Jen & Priestly's place, Santa Cruz, Wednesday afternoon
Dinah's vacation was half-over, but she couldn't say it hadn't been full. Aside from the Showdown on Sunday, yesterday had resolved things for Trucker, Piper, and Jen and Fuzzy. Awwwwwwww! Next bit of awesome: Kennedy was back in contact!

She'd also lost her bet/challenge/deal with Priestly, so, Red Boots Fashion Show time it was.

There might have just been a tiny problem with the lacings. And her nerves.

[for denizens of Santa Cruz, phone calls, and texts!]

"They're not jeggings." Dinah sighed. "Okay, skirt. Which one? Flowers or denim?" She was quiet a minute, and said, "Everybody judges appearances. But it's not like they're the important thing. And appearances can fool you." She looked over at Tish. "I mean, what would you guess about me, from what I look like? And what should I guess about you?"

"Studious," Tish said. "But with a wild side. Your clothes are fairly simple and straight forward, without a lot of distractions. Same with the hair. Very functional, but not cut in a school marmy way. And with bright colors yelling out for attention. Jen's more conservative, both with colors and with cuts. Piper's got that artsy flare, with how she pairs her dresses and tops with her accessories. Me? I look like what I am: a hot girl looking for a bit of fun."

Yeah, she went all analytical on everyone else, but tried to super simplify her own look?

Dinah had to laugh. "Okay, you're good at this, I'll give you that." Really good, even if Tish had misjudged Tad. That sounded like an aberration, mostly. "That's all you want anyone to see of you, though?" she asked, very tentative.

Well, it wasn't like there was such thing as douche-pants. Even if Priestly tried to claim that that's what khakis were.

"If they wanna know more," Tish said. "They have to ask."

That might sound a little bit familiar.

Dinah smirked, then pulled out the last of the skirts she'd brought. "Gray, flowers, denim, red. Red's too long, really, the denim's... yeah no." Gah. "Gray?" She bit her lip, and said, "And if they don't?"

"Flowers are a bit too much going on," Tish noted. "I would go gray or denim, which since you nixed the denim . . . Or I can make Piper run to my place and get some things. You're a little taller than me, but I think we're probably close in the waist." As for her other question. . . . "Then I get a little fun and we go our separate ways. Usually. I guess sometimes it doesn't work as well."

"Gray it is. Or..." It would be cool to see what Tish's stuff looked like. "If you don't think Piper will mind?" She grinned. "Priestly's probably tying himself into knots out there. Might as well." She considered that answer, and said, "I dunno. I always go after the guys I want. So it's not like I can judge. And it takes me forever to make a move." Compared to Tish, anyway.

"There's something you and Priestly have in common," Tish noted. She leaned out the door, careful not to give the people -- or rather, Priestly -- a look at Dinah yet. "Hey Piper, you mind running to my place?"

"She need better skirts?" Piper guessed.

Tish grinned and held out her key. "I've got a black mini that I think would work, but grab a couple things. The boots come up a few inches above the knee."

Priestly looked back and forth between them. "I'll help," he decided.

"Better than sitting here wondering," Tish agreed. She pulled back and closed the door. "Okay. If Priestly gives her a ride, Piper shouldn't be more than ten minutes or so."

Dinah snickered, then sat down again, studying how the boots looked. "Cool. And thanks. I know it's stupid, it's Priestly, but I want to do it right. Might as well go all out..." She grinned. "And you're not wrong. Although he and Claudia hit it off real fast, but I always wondered how much of that was Claudia knowing what she wanted."

"That's his ex, right? He's mentioned her before." She nodded. "And hey, like I said, if you're gonna do it, go all out. It's fun to watch Priestly's eyes bug out of his head." She tilted her head. "You two never. . . ? 'Cause I seriously thought you guys were dating when he first started talking about you."

"Yup. They dated for most of our junior year, but she had to go back to Connecticut. What?" She blinked at Tish, surprised. "No! What did he say that made you think we were?"

Tish shrugged. "You were all tight and teasing on the phone with each other. I don't know, I guess I never had any real guy friends before, but that sounded like flirting to me."

"Ohhh." And hello, other reason Tish might not have acted interested. "Nope. I think about two weeks after we met, we just got to be best buds, and that hasn't ever really changed." Hormone week and amnesia and weird weekends did not count. "I love him to death, he's my go-to guy when I'm upset. But otherwise, nope." She slid a look over at Tish. "I've had other guy friends. Being a jockette. I tease all of them." Did Tish get that?

"Oh, I totally get it, now." Not really. "And he always said you guys were just friends. And I know he teases Jen, too. So you're really not into him that way, huh?"

Testing the waters to avoid possible resentment later? Maybe.

"Nope," Dinah said, cheerful. And secretly gleeful at the question being asked. "I think he's very cute and sweet, but the spark just never happened."

Keep saying 'never', Dinah. "...how about you?"

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