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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Jen & Priestly's place, Santa Cruz, Wednesday afternoon
Dinah's vacation was half-over, but she couldn't say it hadn't been full. Aside from the Showdown on Sunday, yesterday had resolved things for Trucker, Piper, and Jen and Fuzzy. Awwwwwwww! Next bit of awesome: Kennedy was back in contact!

She'd also lost her bet/challenge/deal with Priestly, so, Red Boots Fashion Show time it was.

There might have just been a tiny problem with the lacings. And her nerves.

[for denizens of Santa Cruz, phone calls, and texts!]

"Thanks," Dinah said, grateful. "Okay... are you in college, or headed that way? Priestly's never said."

"I've got a couple of semesters," Tish said. "But I'm not going right now. "Still figuring things out, you know? What about you? I know you're in school, but what are you majoring in?"

"Yeah, I get that. Took Priestly a while to figure out his thing." Dinah bit her lip, looking at the boots in the mirror. "Criminal Justice. I'm going to be a P.I. when I get finished. So far I'm liking it all, although this semester it got harder. More specific classes, plus the harder general studies stuff. I end up twitching a lot." She gave Tish a rueful smile. "Too hyper."

The boots did kind of look good. But showing off to Priestly could wait until after she'd talked to Tish some more. "Okay, what to wear with them. Gah."

Tish looked Dinah over consideringly. "Let's see what you brought with you. How did a guy like Priestly end up friends with two cops?"

Dinah pulled out her suitcase, and flipped it open, then snickered as she pulled out some brightly colored tanks, a few skirts, and some jeans.

"Heh. Uh, Priestly and I hit it off on the bus in to school, our first day.... I think we got to be friends with Momoko through a--" What to call it? "Community service group. Kind of neighborhood watch stuff for the campus. Priestly wanted to help, so he always brought the food, and learned the first aid stuff." She couldn't help smiling with pride. "He always wanted to help. Even if there were people who knew way more about punching, he was always there."

"Yeah, that sounds like Priestly, alright," Tish said, exasperated affection in her voice. "Noble and kind of an idiot."

"Not an idiot," Dinah protested, laying out a denim skirt and looking considering. "Goofy sometimes, but in a good way." Noble, hmm? Woo! "We were on most of the plays there together, too. He acts more goofy than he is."

"I wondered how much of that was for show. The one-liners, the t-shirts, the mohawk. . . ."

"The mohawk's because he likes it. The tattoos and piercings too. And hey, the T-shirts are a good way to kind of... figure people out?" Dinah thought so, anyway. "They get a reaction, you know?" She pulled out the jeans, and held them up. "These?... Besides, I think that stuff looks good on him. We had another guy at the school who looked like him a lot except more clean-cut." Well. As clean-cut as Dean Winchester, demon hunter, could get. "Priestly's look is more interesting."

Tish nodded at the mention of the t-shirts, then made a face at the jeans. "Hey, if you're gonna go sexy here, you should go all out. Unless those are jeggings, that means skirt. And . . . yeah, I guess I can see the shirts thing. He definitely has a hang up about judging people by their appearance, even though EVERYONE does it."

"They're not jeggings." Dinah sighed. "Okay, skirt. Which one? Flowers or denim?" She was quiet a minute, and said, "Everybody judges appearances. But it's not like they're the important thing. And appearances can fool you." She looked over at Tish. "I mean, what would you guess about me, from what I look like? And what should I guess about you?"

"Studious," Tish said. "But with a wild side. Your clothes are fairly simple and straight forward, without a lot of distractions. Same with the hair. Very functional, but not cut in a school marmy way. And with bright colors yelling out for attention. Jen's more conservative, both with colors and with cuts. Piper's got that artsy flare, with how she pairs her dresses and tops with her accessories. Me? I look like what I am: a hot girl looking for a bit of fun."

Yeah, she went all analytical on everyone else, but tried to super simplify her own look?

Dinah had to laugh. "Okay, you're good at this, I'll give you that." Really good, even if Tish had misjudged Tad. That sounded like an aberration, mostly. "That's all you want anyone to see of you, though?" she asked, very tentative.

Well, it wasn't like there was such thing as douche-pants. Even if Priestly tried to claim that that's what khakis were.

"If they wanna know more," Tish said. "They have to ask."

That might sound a little bit familiar.

Dinah smirked, then pulled out the last of the skirts she'd brought. "Gray, flowers, denim, red. Red's too long, really, the denim's... yeah no." Gah. "Gray?" She bit her lip, and said, "And if they don't?"

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