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wind in hair
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Santa Cruz beach, Monday morning, lateish
After all the exciting events and reveals of last night, and then wandering back to Priestly and Jen's place in the morning for the promised ice-cream breakfast, Dinah was still processing all the stuff that had happened.

Which included hanging out on the beach while gossiping with Jen about Piper-being-Anna-and-not-Karla, and the Looks between Tish and Priestly last night, Trucker's deal, and the whole Affair at Moral Bay.

Some of her own recent stuff had crept in there too, judiciously edited. But for now, Priestly was sleeping the sleep of the almost-concussed, and there was lemonade to drink while watching the waves.

[ooc: open for all phone calls, texts, or residents of Santa Cruz interruptions.]

When 'Dite picked up the phone to make a long overdue call, she found herself nervous and almost wishing it would go to voice mail.

Almost. She had missed Dinah, and meeting Toby had reminded her of just how much.

Dinah's phone rang with Venus, and she grinned, answering it. "'Dite! Hi! I'm on vacation, what are you up to?"

"At the moment? Calling you." She grinned, happy to hear Dinah's voice. "Overall? Taking a break from being a goddess and hanging out on this weird little island."

'Dite glanced around, as if hoping Fandom hadn't actually heard her description. "Vacation, huh? Not in New Gotham, I take it?"

"Nope! I'm in Santa Cruz. Spring Break with Priestly and friends. Jen and I are hanging out at the beach, just chilling right now." Dinah beamed. "Oh, so this weird little island got to welcome you back, hunh? How was the world traveling?"

"Time traveling, you mean. And it sucked, actually." Which is why she was going to change the subject now.

"But yes, I'm back on Fandom, though surprisingly I don't think the island has actually welcomed me. No hint of an invasion, no gremlins, no syrup rain. Positively boring."'Dite hesitated a moment, then added hastily, "Not that that's a bad thing."

"Awwww," Dinah said, sympathetic. "I'm sorry? ... and no, God, it's not a bad thing. Not after what happened before Christmas, did people fill you in on that yet?"

"Kind of? Nobody went into details, but I got that something was basically trying to erase the whole universe, and everyone with it." She shuddered a little at thinking that she herself was almost erased and she hadn't even known it. The only thing that made it better was that Ares would have been gone as well.

"Did you get caught up in that?"

"Yup," Dinah said, keeping an eye on Jen. "I was on the phone with Karla when it happened. Well, I made her hang up... anyway, I missed the rest of it after that. Which might have been a relief, from what I heard. I'll give you more details the next time I see you, if you want them."

"Wait, you were on the phone with Karla when what happened?" Then she shook her head. "No, no, don't answer that, you're right, details next time." 'Dite paused. "Speaking of which, we should so get together, and soon. Ooh! I got talked into taking someone all the way to Italy just for pizza. We should totally do that!"

"Ohhh, that would be awesome!" Dinah beamed, leaning back and digging her toes in the sand. "Almost as good as the Greek food we got right before you left. And who managed to talk you into pizza in Italy?"

Aphrodite couldn't help but giggle. "This new kid that Karla hired a while back, Kenzi. She was all, 'I don't know if you are the goddess of love, and if you are you can take me and my boyfriend to some romantic location', and so I did." She shrugged. "Then she said I'm a goddess, so I think I'm good in her book."

Dinah hooted with laughter. "That's one way to get a free trip! I'm going to have to meet this girl the next time I'm back there." She snickered. "Which might be in another couple weeks, I'm not sure. Are you sticking around that long? Or are you heading back out to the world soon?"

"Unfortunately," her voice softened, "I leave tonight. Things are brewing, and I need to meet Cupid and Bliss in Egypt." She sighed. "I don't know when I'll be back. I'm hoping soon, because I really needed this break, but -- I just don't know."

"Awwwww." Dinah sighed. "Will you be able to keep in touch? I miss you. I wonder what you're doing when you're incommunicado."

Even though Dinah couldn't see her, 'Dite held up one hand, palm out, as if she was swearing an oath.

"I promise that I will do a better job of keeping in touch with my friends. And I will try to get back to Fandom to see you soon." She sighed. "I'm hoping to be there for Raven's graduation, at least, you know?"

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