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wind in hair
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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New Gotham City, Simone Auditorium, Wednesday afternoon
"Everybody ready?"


"Then let's DO IT!"

'It' being a free-climb of Simone Auditorium on-campus, during lunch hour. Eight members of the Jump Club ran and jumped at the hall at once, and started climbing the steeply angled walls and cross-beams toward the top. The longest they could stay was probably a half-hour, before the campus security decided to shut them down. They usually turned a blind eye to the Jump Club's attempts on the water tower and a few other structures on-campus-- it got great publicity for the campus-- but they couldn't actually say "sure, go ahead, climb the outside of the buildings."

Dan, a forestry grad student and the club's main coordinator, was in the lead, Dinah right behind and below him, Etienne and Jody staggered below her on their side. They'd done this kind of climb once before, over at the two-story library. Six stories was different, and there were fewer handholds on the auditorium. But still! It was working, going great, Dinah was finding the hand-holds, grinning up at the sun. Almost as fun as air-walking--


She jerked, turning to look down, and saw Etienne hanging by one hand, feet windmilling for purchase. Jody was reaching up from below him, blue eyes wide and alarmed. He was three stories up, above the pads they'd put down on the pavement, but at this height--

"Etienne, grab for my foot!" Dinah called, getting a good grip and stretching one leg downward. Jody was trying to grab Etienne's trainer, and give him a boost--

He reached, and missed. His leg struck out, loosening his other handhold, and he started to fall backwards away from the building, yelling.

Dinah grabbed him with her telekinesis and slammed him back into the angled surface, and held him in place until he got a grip, groaning in pain, and starting to try and carefully make his way back to the plaza. Jody climbed up to help him, and Dinah reversed course to join them, fingers trembling. So close, too close--

Dan was already sliding back down yelling, "Off off off," to the whole team.

"What the hell was that, 'Tienne?" Dan asked, face pale when they were all on the ground. "I thought you were toast."

"Wind?" Etienne said, eyes dazed, shaking. "I don't-- my fingers slipped, and then my weight, I didn't have my feet set... Shit." He started muttering in French. Jody was hugging him.

"Right, we're done for the day," Dan decided. He huffed a breath and ran a hand through his curls. "Everybody, meet back at the club room, Jody, take him to the Clinic to get checked out, okay?"

The other four team members nodded soberly, and Dinah released a slow breath. And didn't meet anyone's eyes.

[ooc: establishy but open!]

Momoko nodded. "But you know we can't be everywhere. And they totally would have climbed if you weren't there."

"Yeah. I know. It's just stuff I hadn't thought through before." Dinah sighed, and hunkered down. "And, I had another Jak dream-- dreams. I don't think I told you about the first one. I worry about people, you know?"

"Oh no, is Jak okay?" Momoko sighed. "You can't be responsible for everyone. You do think about things, but sometimes accidents happen. No matter how we plan."

She still felt it, though. "He's alive. But stuck in a gladitorial arena in the middle of a desert, after getting exiled from his city." Dinah growled under her breath. "And it's still not enough info for Portalocity to get me to him. So. Okay is relative, there."

"But he's in his own world? And, like, capable?"

"He's a good fighter, Dinah. He'll be okay. Especially if it's against something from his own world."

And if he wasn't okay, well, Portalocity had a storefront now, and Momoko totally knew where it was.

"So far. And Daxter's with him." Dinah sighed. "I haven't dreamed what's happening to him since the arena. So it's either more of the same, or not dangerous," she said, glum. "But I wish..."

Can't save everybody. But not even being able to try?

"I hate that I can't do anything. I hate that I don't know what to do about Jump Club. Or if I should do anything. Or just let it go."

This is where having to transform to do anything superheroic probably saved Momoko.

"You can't just let it go," Momoko sympathized. "It's not who you are. Is this the first time this has happened? That you've saved someone just in normal life?"

"Yeaaah," Dinah sighed. "I wish I could've helped enough without using it, but..." She shook her head. "It was just one of those fluke things."

"I bet you tried," Momoko chuckled softly, then sighed. "But yeah, that's totally going to happen more when you do stuff like Club, you know. Dangerous stuff."

"I know, but-- it's fun, and it's a good cover for when I do get hurt, people just know I was doing something dangerous," Dinah explained, wincing. "Gah. Must think about it some more... maybe I should tell the club leaders? But then maybe they'll expect me to go on every single outing...."

"I wasn't suggesting you stop! It's totally good for you! It's almost like mini-training! But it's totally going to mean you have to make more decisions about stuff like this."

"True." Dinah grimaced, then said, "So how are things other than your boring Ethics course?"

"No one's fallen off any buildings?" Momoko tried. "Mojo Jojo finally tried to take over the city, but that's really all."

Dinah rolled her eyes in amusement. "How'd he try it this time?"

Momoko's own eyes rolled. "I'm not really sure? Something about dishwashers and plastic twisty ties. It got stopped pretty early; some citizens reported he was lurking in the back of their restaurant."

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