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Room 712, Unalachtigo Dorm, Gotham University, very early Monday morning
Heat. Dizziness. Sand moving.


Water! Daxter and Jak and a pool of water, inside... and a big guy with a spear, speaking. Vague threats...

"Welcome to the Arena of Death!"

Why did this seem familiar?

Because there was an actual arena-- and now Jak was running from pillar to pillar, elevated platform to platform. Grabbing for little purple lights-- Eco, she guessed. More jumping, spinning-- Jak was doing great...

"Prepare the warriors!"

Daxter's expression looked like Dinah felt.


Dinah woke up and grumbled. "Another thrilling installment. To be continued."

[ooc: With the encouragement of unborn_renegade again, and again, from Jak 3]


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