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Smileysmile, headtilt
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Garden of Eden Tattoos, New Gotham, Wednesday afternoon
"Garden of Eden, tattoos and piercings!" Dinah answered the phone while spinning on the chair at the counter. "Friday? ... yes, Buffalo's in then... sure, how about three o'clock? Great! I'll tell him to expect you."

No hangover from last night's fun, thankfully. And no regrets. Unlike the poor guy standing in front of her, seven feet tall and on the verge of tears.

"Sir, I'm sure Lottie can fix it," Dinah soothed, wanting to pat one massive arm. "So it doesn't have your girlfriend's name. She's a genius."

Lottie made a face at her behind the guy's back.

[open for texts, and phone calls on Dinah's break]

Re: Text message!

Dinah cocked her head. Not the whole entire time. And you can visit when I'm not on break, you know?

Re: Text message!

And give you someone to practice on? Never! Momoko chuckled, adding a smiley face before hitting send on that.

Re: Text message!

Dork, Dinah sent, grinning. Think about it.

Re: Text message!

It has been a while since I visitedfor fun and not sad or a monster Or five. Sure! I will email you when I get back to my room?

Where her calendar lived, sorry.

Re: Text message!


Speaking of which...

And I gotta get back to mine. More people coming in!

Re: Text message!

Have fun!! Work hard!