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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 712, Unalachtigo Dorm, Gotham University, very early Thursday morning
There are some things about her powers Dinah would never, ever give up. And there are some things she could live without just fine, even though she still wouldn’t give them up.

Like knowing when friends are in trouble.

Desert. Flying over pale-gold sand. Rocks. A few cacti. A sunrise. Some kind of transport, landing. The door opens--

Jak—in handcuffs, looking grim, being pushed along by guys in armor with guns.

Oh, no. No.

An officious guy, narrow face, squinty eyes, dressed up, with a huge book, joins them. The sun looks like it’s rising. His voice echoes strangely in the midst of the scene. Only the last part comes through:

"--banished to the wasteland-- for life."


Ash, Alison? Whatever, the swivel-hips girl Dinah had seen before but never met in person, comes forward, looking upset. The parrot-monkey she’d seen before suddenly appears, squawking. And talking. Then Daxter is there too, as always, short and belligerent, folding little otter-weasel arms. The girl unlocks Jak's cuffs--

(something glowing in his hand, what was it)

--and they leave him there. Staring after the transport. The dust swirled as the ship flew away, and when it settled, two figures stood before Jak. Daxter and the parrot-monkey.

…the sun rises higher, the desert empty of anything but massive rocks in every direction.

“Well, crap.” Dinah woke up growling and glaring at the ceiling. Well. Now she knew why Jak had never made it to New Gotham for a visit this month. Now what could she do?

[ooc: with kind permission of unborn_renegade, action taken from Jak 3, NFB, NFI OOC=<3 ]