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wind in hair
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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New Gotham City, Gotham U campus, Late Wednesday afternoon
"I'm just saying, it's been a month. Time to get out there again," Gabby was arguing as they crossed the main campus, undeterred when Dinah shook her head. "Consider your options. Get those insane drinks you love. Go to the Valentine's Day dance, pick up some guy to make out with."

"I'm not feeling it," Dinah said stubbornly. "There's no spark. With anyone. I'm still sorting out my head. I need space. Time--"

"You need to jump back on that horse and ride it like a wild stallion, preferably with silk sheets," Gabby insisted. Her phone beeped, and she pulled it out, then grinned and handed it to Dinah. "Film it!"


In less than thirty seconds, Gabby and dozens of other college students were dancing to Pink Floyd's "We Don't Need No Education," and Dinah finally found out what her roommate had been giggling about while she worked on her computer for the last three weeks.

Dinah snickered and sent the video to her friends list.

It's like I never left Fandom. My roommate is insane, but a really good dancer!

[open for phone calls or texts. Gabby will have you know that it was really hard work!]

Jack, for lack of any better ideas, had taken a by-the-week flat in Emma's New York, not too far from campus. He didn't want to stay there indefinitely, but he couldn't bring himself to leave before his first transformation.

... Which would be five days from now. Far too close, in his opinion.

He was rather desperately grateful for the distraction when he got Dinah's text, and he laughed at the video.

If she didn't decide to dance, that's exactly like Fandom. Hello!

Hi you! Dinah sent back, grinning. She's been giggling about something for weeks now, and disappearing. Must've been rehearsals! Maybe someone brainwashed her into this?

I hope not, I'd rather think they did it for fun.

It felt like a very long time since Jack did anything just for fun; he was glad other people still did.

How are you otherwise? Haven't spoken since mess in Dec., have we?

No, we haven't, Dinah sent back, trying to remember what had happened in the last month. Mostly good? New Year's with Momoko, Priestly, Jaime here. Trip to Kaeleer to see Karla this weekend. You going to be there?

Not sure, Jack tapped back honestly. It's a long story but this weekend may be bad for me.

A pause, then: My life got very strange before Xmas.

Considering Jack's life already consisted of time-traveling, being involved with a vampire, and Emma, that had to be saying something. What happened? If it's okay to text about it.

Texting's not problem, Jack tapped back, then decided not to be coy about it.

Attacked by ghost werewolf we were trying to kill. 1st full moon since starts Mon. No idea how will feel before. Another pause. Not joking.

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Momoko stared at the video a few moments, then typed a message back.

"People just started dancing?! What happened? Did a gremlin sneka into your luggage?!"

Dinah snickered and typed back.

Flash mob! No warning, people start to dance-- Gabby must've been sneaky-rehearsing for *weeks*!

How did all of them know the same dance?

Totally did not get it, yet, sorry.

Pretty sure they sent the steps in e-mails, or some kind of file. Gabby's been giggling at her computer, too, but wouldn't tell me why. Dinah had to grin as the crowd finally broke up and people cheered the mob. No idea where she signed up for this, but I'm going to interrogate her in a minute.


So wait, they all know each other? Planned it? It totally hadn't look planned!

Definitely planned. Not sure most of them had met before, though.

Gabby finally got back, grinning and laughing, and Dinah smacked her arm, not too hard. "You dork. You could've told me! All this time! When did you join these guys?"

Gabby shrugged, unfazed. "Got on a Twitter feed for it around New Year's, then got the password to the mailing list. I only got to meet a handful of them for a couple practices, but it came out good, didn't it?"

"Seriously good."

Dinah typed in, Gabby says she's only met them twice before, not all of them, and only since New Year's.

Hi Gabby! Momoko waved at her phone. You looked awesome! Much better than if gremlins! And fun!

Dinah held up the text for Gabby to see, and she snickered. "Those were the biting monsters, right? Tell her thanks, and I'll send her the URL for our videos."

Typing that in, Dinah added, Would you believe she's going to be a doctor? Dancing doctor. My roommate, ladies and gentlemen.

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