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wind in hair
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Robinson Park, New Gotham City, Wednesday Evening
Ice skating, presents, hot chocolate. Dinah had been looking forward to seeing Kyle for a while; they'd only talked on the phone after everything had come back, what with Finals and her leaving for Fandom and El Paso. Kyle was meant to be going back to Metropolis tomorrow.

And they really needed to talk before he went. Get things worked out. Better. Clear.

Yeah. Dinah waited with cocoa by the rink, and watched the skaters, trying not to think too hard.

[for the boyfriend]
[ETA: OOC Note]

She didn't have to wait too long. Kyle wasn't the sort to leave his girlfriend all by herself for too long. Someone might try to steal her.

"Hey, babe," he called, walking over with a cup of coffee for himself.

"Hey, you," Dinah said grinning back, leaning up for a kiss. "I brought your present."

"You mean I get more than just you?" Kyle shot back with a grin. "Also, you should know: you taste like chocolate."

That was okay with him, by the way.

"Well, that's by design," she told him, putting an arm around him. "You going to skate with me?" She handed over the wrapped present, and said, "I know it's lame, but still. Merry Christmas."

"Presents first, skating after?" Kyle carefully tore the paper off and opened the box.

Then laughed. "Not lame!" he decided. "Perfect!"

That totally deserved another kiss.

"Oh good!" Dinah giggled into the kiss, and sighed in relief. "You don't... have enough... ties," she said, kissing him in between the words. "And the little guy was just too cute." She cuddled closer, and took a breath. This would go okay. It would.

Kyle grinned.

"I guess this means I need to give you yours now, huh?"

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a narrow box of his own.

Dinah gave him a curious look, then opened it, breath catching. "Kyle, it's beautiful," she said, her voice getting softer. "Thank you. So much." And another kiss was deserved for that.

Kyle shrugged, but grinned happily. "I thought it was very you."

"I love it." Dinah carefully picked it up, and put it on, then took a breath. "Before we get to skating... there's some stuff I wanted to talk about with you. Nothing bad," she said hastily. "Just. Stuff."

"Okay." Despite her reassurance, Kyle did feel a bit worried. But not too bad.

"You remember what we were talking about, a couple weeks back, when people were disappearing?" Dinah asked, hopeful. "I asked you to trust me that something was going on. That people were vanishing."

Kyle blinked, then nodded. "Yeah," he said slowly, "I remember."

A breath. Honesty. That was good, right? "It really bugged me that you didn't believe me," Dinah said, fiddling with the stars on her necklace. "But I was kinda wondering... how much the weirdness in my life, you know. Bothers you."

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{Major thanks to weldedtomyspine for playing Kyle for about 2/3 of the last year, a sometimes thankless task. I'll miss Kyle, even if it's probably for the best.}