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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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The Clocktower, New Gotham, Sunday
And then, without any fanfare, Dinah and her family were back.

She started breathing again.


Helena and Barbara and Alfred were laughing at her, but what the heck did she care.

She whipped out her phone and sent to her entire contact list: ALIVE AND WELL AND ON TOP OF THE WORLD!


Said the boy who pretty much threw himself into the darkness. God, Winchesters.

Dinah chortled, did a handstand, then popped up to text back: NEVER! NEVER AGAIN! WE'RE ALIIIIIIIIIIVE! *HUGS!*

You, me, Peter, Dean, Dad--everyone! I knew it'd be okay eventually.

Well, he'd kind of had faith. For most of the time.

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And half an hour or so later came a text in reply:

You moved to the North Pole?

Priestly was back. And still a smart ass.


Dinah was already dialing Priestly's number.


Priestly had been expecting the call. "You did it!" he said, by way of answer.

Someone had no idea he'd been missing for nearly a month.

"I wish!" Dinah exulted. "I got zapped too, but I passed along your message and holy crap lots of other stuff went away but now it's all back!"

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It didn't matter that Karla knew Dinah was all right. It didn't matter that Dinah was going to do all the yelling in the world when she found out certain details.

All that mattered was that Karla got to hear Dinah's voice again.


Even her ringtone sounded impatient.

"YOU DID IT! Unless you got zapped, in which case, WELCOME BACK!" Dinah said, laughing loudly.

Heh. Oh, Dinah and your way of answering the phone...

"We did it," Karla said, slightly less exuberently than she'd planned. "I didn't get zapped. Tried, but didn't."

And boy was that going to go over well.

Quickly she said, "But I didn't! And we holed up in Special Collections until we fought the bandits and found the empress and remembered everyone back!"

Be distracted Dinah!

Tchah, right.

"You did what? Go back to the bit before Special Collections. And you remembered us back? I talked to Priestly and Sam and they're okay and go back a bit and say what you were thinking!"

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Not the first call Francine made, but pretty damn near it.

"FRANCIIIIIIIIIIIINE!" Yeah, there had to be dolphins and dogs wincing at that. "I'm okay and God I'm sorry I tried to get there in time and I'm gonna be on the Island tomorrow is everyone there okay?"

"I think so. I think everyone came back." Well, no answer from Kennedy as she'd gone through her contact list, but at least there'd been a voicemail announcement? "Oh, Dinah, it was awful. First Claire was gone, and then you, and then even on the island, people and places started to go, and... Arthur got caught in that."

It was so strange to be unbelievably happy while the memories of being crushed, possibly beyond repeair, were so close and so so sharp.

"Oh nooo," Dinah said, grimacing. "God, that must have been scary for you guys. And upsetting. And I just-- wow. But you're okay now? Nobody got hurt when they were disappeared?"

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