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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, Sunday afternoon
Dinah had picked up Camille at the kennel, and was now making up for lost time playing with her.

Her door was just slightly open, but the music could probably be heard down the hall.

The wind was a torrent of darkness
among the ghastly trees
the moon was a ghostly galleon
tossed upon the cloudy seas

[open for one first, then open after -- Contents of Merlin conversation are now NFB, okay to mention Merlin was there.]

Once all his--and Arthur's--things were in their proper rooms, Merlin poked his head on into Dinah's doorway. "Dinah."

"Merlin!" Dinah grinned at him, and Camille started stalking down the bed. "You recovered from Friday night, hunh?"

"I didn't drink as much as any of you all there," Merlin pointed out. What? He was all innocent and stuff.

"Bet that didn't stop Arthur from growling at you, though," Dinah said, giggling. "And oh! You missed last night! At the chapel! Francine had to stop a wedding!"

Wait, what? "She did?"

"Jen? Who I spar with? And Angry Blonde, who I guess her real name is Katchoo-- Jen got drunk and tried to drag Katchoo, also drunk, to the altar." Dinah snickered. "Francine came in like the Wrath of Goddess and stopped it, and they scared the wedding guy into running away. It's enough to make me never drink again."

Merlin just nodded like he knew who Jen was. "Why would two women be getting married?"

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Chad had a lot of making up to do for Prince Oscar Pedro after leaving him at the kennel for so long, but, eventually, they made it back to their room, and he set the cat down. Prince Oscar Pedro made a straight bee-line for Chad's bed, where he curled up, then stretched out, then rolled a little to get all the right scents back on him.

Chad lifted a hand to the roommate. "Hey, Dinah."

"Hey," Dinah said, not looking up. Camille was a good excuse. Until she got off the bed to go check on Prince Oscar Pedro. It had been ages!

Dinah tried to give her roomie a smile, but the best she could manage was a grimace. "Sooooo we're back."

Prince Oscar Pedro, of course, was very eager to recieve attention from someone who was not Chad. He liked attention from Chad, don't get him wrong, but ever since he got back, the human was being psycho about attention and apologizing. But at least his belly was full with a lot of sushi as a result.

Yeah. Chad took him out for sushi to make up for things.

"Yeah," he said back, carefully having a seat at the end of his bed. "And I'm actually losing my buzz finally."

It was really sad.

"Awwwww," Dinah sympathized, then tilted her head. "You know, of all the people who could've gotten married on that boat, I'm kind of sad you and Teddy didn't. Sober or drunk."

"People got married?"

Oh, Chad.

Dinah blinked, then actually smiled. "Um. Yes? It was all over Radio. Angela and Romeo. Johnny and his girlfriend. Reno and Rikku but I think that one was a joke. Angry Blonde Katchoo and Jen almost got married but they got tackled at the altar."

"Tackled by who?"

Because that was the important detail.

"Francine, remember her from I Never?" Dinah wondered if everybody remembered most of I Never or, well, not. "Um, anyway, Katchoo didn't really want to get married, Jen was being weird and drunk, so it all worked out. After Francine yelled a lot of things I couldn't believe she knew."

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