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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 712, Unalachtigo Dorm, New Gotham, Saturday night
Gabby was gone. Dinah had come back to her dorm room to get a few things, and try to talk Gabby into going with her family when they left... and there was nothing left there. Not a sign Gabby had ever existed. All her stuff was gone. Her phone didn't connect.

Dinah was pissed. Underneath it she was scared and sad, but this was so close to home, and Gabby had been her friend for four years and damnit, damnit, she was going to punch whoever did this in the groin if she ever ran across them.

It did make things simpler, though. Nine tickets. Not ten. Now she just had to talk Kyle into going with her to Fandom.

[ooc: for the boyfriend, but open for calls/texts]

Kyle knocked on the door frame, offering Dinah an easy grin. "Hey, beautiful."

"Hey," Dinah said soberly, not smiling. Still glad to see him, though. Hopefully that was in her eyes. "We have to talk. Important stuff."

He only looked a little bit worried, so Kyle shrugged. "Sure thing. What's up?"

Dinah rubbed at the bridge of her nose. "Something dangerous is happening in New Gotham. I've talked Barbara and Helena into evacuating to Fandom as soon as we have tickets." She took a breath. "I want you to go with us. Please."

Kyle blinked. "What?"

Keep it simple, right? "Look." Dinah got up to pace. "Things in New Gotham are disappearing. Gibson's bar-- okay, you won't remember it, but there's a place downtown that's just gone now. People are gone. My roommate." The anger in her voice was a lot stronger than she'd meant it to be. "I have one, you remember that? Do you? That bed over there should have a person in it. I don't know what's doing this, but Fandom is the only safe place."

"Roommate?" Kyle frowned. "What are you talking about, Dinah?"

Was she okay? He was suddenly looking a lot more worried.

Right. Of course he didn't. "Kyle, do you trust me?" Dinah took a breath. "Please. This is weird stuff. Crimefighting stuff. It's important. I care about you, I don't want you to disappear too."

"Well, of course I trust you." But that didn't mean that he wasn't suddenly very worried for her. Because she was sounding so very crazy at the moment.

Dinah tried to calm down, and took a breath. "Then I need you to go to your room, and pack, then go to the Clocktower. We'll be leaving as soon as we can get a portal." A little desperately she said, "I'm not making this up."

"Are you feeling okay?" Kyle said, not moving immediately. He was willing to humor her a bit, but only if he was sure she wasn't in some sort of trouble.

Dinah stopped herself from snapping at Kyle, and said slowly, "Yes. I'm not crazy. I... I am upset. I've had two close friends you don't know--" You met Priestly. You liked him. "--disappear. I'm not having the best week."

"And this is happening all over the place?" he asked. Kyle wasn't going to just dismiss Dinah's words outright, but they still sounded crazy despite any reassurances she might try to give.

"Other worlds, as well as here," Dinah pleaded. She didn't want to say entire worlds disappearing -- that would freak him right out. "I just want you and my family to be safe. I don't want you wiped--" Damnit.

"You do realize how... crazy this sounds. Right?"

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