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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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New Gotham, Robinson Park - Friday evening
After a Thanksgiving spent with her entire family-- none of whom had gone missing yet-- Dinah had needed time to process the disappearances, trying to separate out the feelings, trying to remember what happened. She finally had to give up on 'investigative' mode and just sit and think, on top of the Gotham Metropolitan Museum of Art. Mourn a little. Try to believe this was real.

Jak. Who'd been her first real boyfriend. First lover. Sugar-buzz buddy and video-game pal and racer and fellow adrenaline addict... He'd disappeared for a week, and come back so different, and it had been so hard to work their way back to being friends without pushing too much. She'd just had to hang on, and let him have his space, and they'd done it, they had. They were never as close as they'd been two years ago, but they'd stayed in touch. Even with the grimness, sometimes she'd still see the guy who loved racing, was still Daxter's best friend, still fought for his friends and people. She'd kept hoping he'd finish his guerrilla war, find a way to get some part of Sandover back, be happy with someone (as long as it wasn't that Keira girl)....

Just gone. She'd been half-expecting it for a while now. But it hurt just as much as the first time. And she'd never expected it like this, with no one outside of Fandom remembering him. He deserved better than that, damnit.

And Priestly. God. She'd never been out of touch with him for longer than a week in the last three years, and he knew everything about her, he was her best friend and she'd already had this nightmare, thanks. Funny and rebellious and caring and determined and... He was going to be a famous chef! Or not. He was seeing the world! He was going to ask Tish out! She'd been counting on seeing him at New Year's. For a lot of reasons. He'd never wanted her to save him, but it always felt like he was hers to save. And she hadn't.

Not yet, anyway. Maybe. Please. Maybe there was a way. Somehow. Time hadn't run out yet.

Dinah shook her head, putting aside grief, and wiped tears off her face for the third time that day. She wasn't done missing them. But if she didn't want to miss them forever, she couldn't drown in it. Other people had it worse. Other people were grieving too.

Back to work. Back to patrol. Back to changing what she could, swinging from the top of the Wayne Tower down to the City Plaza building. Do what you can. Until it's time to face the real enemy.

[establishy, but open for phone calls/texts.]

Momoko was updating her notes. More negatives, more questions. Names, dates, theories... the only thing she didn't have? Answers.

Okay, so she was staring at the screen, trying to will Warren's name out of the "People gone" column. Shut up, he was still totally close to her heart.

She reached for her phone, texting only because she wasn't sure if Dinah was... available.

Another ex-Fandom resident gone. Warren Peace. Tuessday.

Dinah closed her eyes. She'd only talked to Warren a couple times, but she knew he and Momoko had been really close. She took a second to climb up to the building next to One Police Plaza, and called.

"Hey, Momoko. I'm sorry."

"Dinah... it was..." There was a pause while Momoko swallowed hard. "I was on the phone with him when... when it happened."

She gave a small choking laugh, then. "Which I guess is totally better than how I found out the other time he died on me."

"Momoko." God, this was breaking Dinah's heart. The other time would've been zombies, she thought she remembered. "Sweetheart--" She shook her head. "Do you want to talk about it?"

"I don't know? I've never had someone to talk to about it before."

She had her head resting in her hand. Not crying, just tired. "Last time, I called his phone and yelled at the answering machine. I was mad because he'd gone out alone with all the zombies and never called me for help..."

"He called this time, Dinah. And I still couldn't save him."

"I know how that feels." God, did she know. She'd never have wished this feeling on Momoko. "I wish... was there anything new?" she asked, voice soft. "We're going to change this. We have to. Somehow."

Momoko took another breath. "He had powers. Fire. He could shoot fire at people and set parts of himself on fire. He wasn't a superhero, but if there was something he could do he would have. So, whatever it is can't be stopped with fire."

This helped, this kind of 'talking about it'. She could pretend better, this way.

"And the way he described what he saw totally matched Priestly's photo."

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Ring ring. Empath calling.

She was worried about her friends and needed to check in on them.

Dinah was on top of another skyscraper now. Looking down to where Gibson's bar, No Man's Land... used to be. She checked the Caller ID, and sat down, legs dangling off the roof. "Hey, Raven. How are you?" Said with more worry than usual.

"I am...not entirely myself," Raven said. She wasn't going to lie and say she was fine, not this time.

"But I am safe enough for now. I am more concerned about my friends. How are you?"

Grieving. Scared. Frustrated. "I'm in one piece, and no one in my immediate family has gone missing," Dinah said slowly. "But pieces of New Gotham are starting to go missing. Barbara's trying to get us tickets to Fandom as soon as possible." She bit her lip. "How about you, hon? And what do you mean, you're not yourself?"

"I am in no physical danger," Raven said hastily to reassure her. She was weak and tired, yes, but she didn't sense any immediate danger. "But whatever is affecting the multiverse is also affecting my Soul-Self."

"Oh crap," Dinah breathed, rubbing her eyes. "Can you-- good grief. Can you anchor it somehow? Anchor yourself? I don't want to..." Lose you too!

"My Soul-Self exists in all dimensions," Raven said. "As long as one still stands, I will still retain part of it. But as each world vanishes, it takes a part of me with it."

She paused a moment, closing her eyes against the memory. "Azarath is gone," she said quietly. "Whatever is happening...it is consuming the netherverse as well."

"Ohhh, Raven." God. A lot of Raven's memories of that place weren't good, but it was the only home she'd had before Fandom, the only remnant of the people who'd died to save universes from Trigon. And now it wanted Raven too? "You're scaring me," she said, trying to keep her voice calm. "I want you to stay safe. You shouldn't go anywhere-- you're not, right? Please say you're staying in Fandom."

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