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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 712, Unalachtigo Dorm, Gotham University, Wednesday night
Having a teeny Momoko and teeny Jaime visit last weekend had been trippy but fun.

Having still more people disappear out of everyone else's memory? Not. Also, islands. Tahiti was gone. TAHITI. New Zealand. Places far away that she'd never been to, but come on! What was up with that?

It was making doing her history homework both difficult and pointless, if things were going to keep disappearing like this.

[open for phone calls, expecting one]

Speaking of teeny Jaime.

Hello, ringing phone.

Dinah abandoned her paper on South America-- wondering if some of it was going to disappear next-- and checked the Caller ID, then smiled as she answered. "Lancer Laundromat. Getting your jeans clean. What's your order?"

"Someone spilled bleach on my favorite dress," Jaime answered with something approaching a straight face.

"Oh no, sir! Or madam." Dinah grinned and TK'd a drink to her hand. "What material is the dress made out of? And how soon do you need it?"

"It's a silk-polyester-bamboo blend. And I need it for a hot date in an hour."

Dinah snickered, popping open the soda can. "Sir, I'm sorry, but we need at least three hours to reverse that kind of stain. May I suggest you buy something new? Maybe in velvet? It's very in this season."

"But I picked this one out special!"

More giggling, and a sympathetic, "I'm sure your date loves you just as you are, sir."

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And here at least was a phone call which would commiserate with the missing island thing.


Checking the Caller ID again, Dinah grinned big in relief. "Priestly! Hi, where are you now? How are you? Has anything changed?"

"Dinah! I'm still in Hong Kong. And, well, the Rim of Fire is dropping like flies. How 'bout you?"

"Wait, you too?" Dinah asked, dismayed. "New Zealand! There is no New Zealand! I keep waiting for Alaska to disappear, and it's freaking me out. And half my classes are missing people now." She sighed. "Wait, you didn't head to Mongolia?"

"That's still the plan. I just might have to do it by raiding party or something. Raiding parties are cheaper than planes, right?"

Really, who decided it was a good idea for this boy to travel alone?

"And yeah, Japan went first, near as I can tell. And I can't figure out if Hawaii is actually gone, or just really not newsworthy to Hong Kongians."

"I don't think they do those any more, Priestly," Dinah said, not sure if he was joking or not. "Also, not sure they'd take you. Not actually being Mongolian and all." She rubbed her head and grimaced. "The day we only have forty-eight or forty-nine stars on the flag, I'm going to start really freaking out. Did you hear back from Trish and Jen about your mom? Did they get you cash? If they didn't, I can send you some."

"Tish and Jen are still around. They might be the only ones who are, though." Priestly rubbed his hand over his head, completely ruining his now somewhat overgrown mohawk. "So, this is kind of weird, but, uh, Zo apparently actually left town instead of vanishing. Jen says she stuck a sign on the door of her shop. 'Closed for the Apocalypse'."

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