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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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New Gotham City, Wired Coffee Shop, Friday evening
Dinah had finished her midterms, then called Kyle to meet her for a coffee and maybe a movie after classes. She was still disturbed by the number of people who'd 'disappeared' over the last couple weeks-- disappeared from other people's memories, but not her own.

Investigating it this weekend with Momoko would help. Definitely.

[for the bf, but open for phone calls after.]

"Hey, you," Kyle said, leaning over to give Dinah a quick kiss. "Aced everything?"

"If not, it wasn't for lack of studying," Dinah said, kissing him back as he sat down. "Mmm. What are you up for tonight? Movie? Roller derby?" She grinned. "Other?"

Kyle laughed. "Roller derby?"

"Watching, right?" She wasn't going to go out and do anything crazy, was she?

"Sure, watching." Although... "Unless it's amateur night, in which case, I could strap on a pair of skates with the best of 'em."

"And what would I do?" Kyle asked, trying to pretend the idea didn't really bother him.

"Cheer me on?" Dinah suggested, trying not to sound hopeful. Only joking. Joking! Well, mostly. "Or you could try it too, if they have a men's event." She grinned.

"Or we could do a movie."

See? That was subtle!

"...or we could do a movie," Dinah said, mostly amused, playing with his fingers. "You know I'm okay now, right? It's been two weeks since I got the casts off."

"Yeah." Kyle shrugged a bit awkwardly. "I just want you to stay that way, you know?"

"I like you without casts."

"Me too," Dinah said, a little more subdued. She bit her lip, considering. Opening her mouth, then closing it. Then blurting, "I'm visiting Momoko this weekend. In her Tokyo City."

Kyle blinked.

That seemed like a non-sequiter.

"Oh, yeah? You going to bring back pictures?" He still remembered the last batch.

"Yup!" Cheerful, open. "I haven't been there before. She said there's a place we need to go shopping, and her favorite tea place..." That had disappeared. "And we might be investigating some stuff."

Kyle opened his mouth, then shut it. Then took a deep breath.

"Just investigating?" Nothing dangerous, right?

"Yes!" It shouldn't get to a fight. She was just going along as back-up. "Some things disappeared in Momoko's city. She wants to question a contact about it, but I told her she needed back-up, just... in case." Okay, that sounded more reassuring in her head. "He's not dangerous. Just maybe connected."



"Like... the mob?" Did Kyle even want to know?

"No. Organized crime isn't that huge a deal in Momoko's world. No Yakuza or anything. Just..." She paused, trying to think how to explain, then said, "He's a talking monkey that knows about magic." Dinah gave Kyle an anxious look. "Really, it's fine. Her friends will be a phone call away."

Kyle's eyes narrowed. "You're not just saying that, are you?" Because who could think a talking monkey was a threat?

"They'll show up!" They'd have to, if they called with a problem, right? "Oh, do you mean about the monkey?" Um. "Yes." Don't say all the things you're thinking about what you don't know, Dinah. Or about demons. Or how things are disappearing from New Gotham too. Or... "I just, I don't want her on her own. My friend Kennedy hasn't been in contact for a week, and ... I'm worried about her. So. Maybe I'm displacing."

Oh, great, that just got Kyle more worried. "Does she doe the same sort of thing that you do?" Her disappearing without a trace was kind of on his list of worries, after all.

"A little different," Dinah hedged. "Her world has, well. Magic. She fights vampires. The last I heard from her was a text that she had to get out of town, there was trouble." She bit her lip, looked away. "She was supposed to visit, get some practice in... but whenever I call her, it doesn't connect."


What else was Kyle supposed to say to that?

"Momoko's world is like ours. Just, a few... large-size wildlife. And most of them are gone, she and her team handled them. She's been complaining about how boring it's been getting there," Dinah said, hoping this would reassure him. "It's totally different." She rubbed her fingers over his knuckles, then after a minute: "What are you thinking?"

Kyle caught Dinah's hand and lightly grasped it. "I'm trying not to worry?"

And doing a poor job at it.

Dinah laced her fingers through his, and smiled. Hopeful. "What can I say to make it better? Or do? I'll do it."

Kyle opened his mouth, but then closed it without saying anything.

Because 'don't go' probably wasn't going to fly.

"Be careful?" Not what he wanted, but...

Dinah caught part of that anyway, and forced a smile onto her face. "Of course. I always am." She pressed a kiss to his cheek, then leaned into him. "You pick the movie tonight."

It would get easier. It had to.

"I do, do I?" Kyle's grin was more natural now.

"Yup. I'm easy... going," Dinah whispered in his ear, then giggled. "Your choice, Mister."