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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 712, Unalachtigo Dorm, Gotham University, Monday night
"So, any luck tracking down Poison Ivy?" Dinah was asking Barbara over the phone.


Dinah blinked, then laughed. "Funny, Barbara. I know she's not all that, but her minions *did* break my bones last month."

Silence. "Dinah, those men were working for the Penguin, under the influence of materials he bought from someone associated with Scarecrow."

"...wait, when did this happen? Did they just pretend they were working for Ivy?"

"And I say again, who? I've never heard of this person." Barbara sounded worried. "Dinah, are you sure you're over that concussion?"

"Um. Yeah." Only not as sure as she was a minute ago. "... I'll talk to you tomorrow, Barbara."

So now she was surfing the 'net. Trying to find any mention of Poison Ivy. Because Barbara was the confused one. Not her. Nope.

[ooc: and open for phone calls!]

Sometime after he'd gotten the money from Jen and Tish -- not nearly enough to fly home, but enough to get him a place to stay for a few days -- Priestly called Dinah.

He'd've called sooner, except he really wasn't looking forward to an "I told you so" about being broke and stranded.

Dinah saw the Caller ID, after the six thousandth hit of "Poison Ivy crime" turned up some special on National Crime Prevention website instead of anything on anyone in New Gotham, and absently said, "Hey, Priestly. Weirdness incoming."

"Too late," Priestly said. "Tell me you remember my mother."

"Naomi?" Dinah pulled her brain away from the mystifying loss of Poison Ivy. "Of course. She was nice. I mean, totally wrong about your hair or your style, but nice. She's the one that spilled your first name." She paused. "Whyyy are you asking?"

Priestly rubbed his hand over his forehead, relief making his knees go slightly wobbly. "Tish might try that kind of thing as a joke but Jen wouldn't and they sent me money and her phone isn't working and I can't even google her and I'm freaking out."

Yeah, he'd work on making sense again in a moment. Also, actually getting to the part where his mother apparently no longer existed.

"Oh my God." Dinah gulped. "Okay, breathe. Your mom! I... And. Money? And. Okay, maybe the same thing is happening here, only-- right, who did I tell you was responsible for the accident last month?" Yeah, she wasn't all that coherent herself at how he sounded.

Well, at least it gave him something different to focus on. "Uh. The plant lady. The itchy one." That didn't last long. "How can they say I don't have a mom?! Biology doesn't work that way!"

"Do they mean-- do they think she died?" Dinah asked, voice quiet. "That can't be right. Someone would have contacted you, told you. Not acted like you already knew... and thank god you said that, Barbara and the internet think I'm making up Poison Ivy." She was not crazy! This time!

"My mom's not dead!" Priestly was definitely still freaking out about that. "Wait, what? Why would you make up the person who put you in the hospital?"

"SEE!?" Dinah said, taking a breath. "I didn't! But Barbara thinks it was the Penguin! And no! I remember Naomi! Brown hair going gray! Glasses! Very stylish for a mom! So, so... what the hell?" She shook her head, frazzled. "When are you going back to California? I'm sure as soon as you're there...." Um?

"She's not even on the board of directors for her foundations any more. Dinah, that's like all she does. And I . . . don't have any money. Grody's missing." He frowned. "I actually haven't seen any noodle carts at all."

"Wait, wait, you're broke?" Wait. "Right, you called for... and now all the people you could work for are gone? Could they have migrated? Or, I don't know. Something?"

Now she was getting a complete set of the creeps that she'd been holding off by thinking about Priestly's problem, instead of her own.

"I called about the Mom thing!" He wasn't asking her for money. He felt bad enough about taking it from Jen and Tish. "This doesn't make any sense. How can people from your world and mine just . . . go poof?"

"No, I meant you called back home for... okay, okay okay okay." Not important now. "I don't know." Just inhales and exhales a bit. Once was a accident, twice was coincidence.... "But I'm going to find out more. Because I don't think it can just be us."

Unless... "Did we come back to the wrong universes after Homecoming?"

"Crap." He hadn't thought of that. ". . . Wait, alternate universe me would still have to have had a mother at some point, right? I haven't found any trace of her."

Mind you, his search hadn't exactly been exhaustive.

"...okay, point. I mean. Yeah." Dinah frowned. "And it doesn't explain the noodle cart guys, 'cause ... well, it doesn't."

Look, she was pretty majorly confused. "I'm going to check with other people, though. But no. YOU ARE NOT CRAZY." Could not stress this enough. "Naomi Priestly is real and she named you Boaz."

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Priestly sighed. "My first name is not meant to be reassuring." But it kind of was, right now.

"Well, no. But." Dinah shrugged, then smiled. "Do you feel better, a little?"

"A little." He was still totally freaked. "I should go. It's late, here, and I have to find a job, tomorrow. Keep in touch though, yeah? I don't need you vanishing on me, too."

"Okay. If you do need more cash, call." So not funny to think of him stuck in Manila without funds. "And I'm not vanishing! And you don't get to either, okay?"

Great, now she was going to have vampire nightmares. She just knew it.

"Anything that tries to vanish me will have to pry me away from the world by my cold, dead fingers." Okay, that imagery wasn't helping.

Oh crap, what if this thing ran in families?

"I'll probably handwavily call you tomorrow."

"Yes!" Dinah would be obsessively handwavily texting him for a bit after this. "And I'll call you when I hear if anyone else is dealing with this too."

She didn't want to let him go, but... "Talk to you soon."