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DinahBoyserious, DinahBoyhat, BoyDinahTwist
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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The Clocktower, New Gotham, Sunday afternoon
So. Dinah had texted Kyle. And written: Weird surprise to show you. Clocktower this afternoon? - D.

And he was on his way. Here's hoping this went fine.

[for the boyfriend, but open to phone calls.]

'Weird surprise', she'd said. Should he be worried?

Kyle had found himself doing an awful lot of worrying about Dinah lately. Though, for today, he was trying to put that behind him. After all, his hot girlfriend wanted to show him something. That was probably a good thing!

Yeeeeah. Good. Interesting way to put it.

When the elevator doors opened, Dinah took a breath and waved. With the arm in a cast. "Hey, Kyle."


"Um... hi?" Did he know this guy?

"Sooo, yeah, we talked last year. Around this time. I introduced myself as David? Dinah's cousin?"

Maybe? Or maybe not?

"Oh, right! Hey, man, how's it going?" Kyle offered his hand, looking around a bit to see where Dinah was.

"Ummm... well, you know." Dinah shook his hand, and pointed at the two casts. "I had a bad accident."

Waaaaaait for it....

"Yeah." Kyle frowned. "It's kind of weird that you hurt the same arm that Dinah did..."

"Dinah never told you about some of the weird crap that island pulls, the one where she went to high school. Did she." Statement, not question. C'mon, Kyle, ease yourself into the situation here.

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"Well, she's mentioned a few things that sounded pretty crazy..."



Dinah figured this just... wasn't the kind of thing anyone would imagine, if they hadn't seen it. And couldn't think how else to cushion the news so Kyle's head didn't explode, so.

"One time she turned into an older version of herself. And one time she turned into a vampire. She's been a little kid um, twice." Dinah blew out a breath. "And... about three years running, I've turned into a guy. For a day. Or two."

Kyle was nodding along, trying to follow.

And then?

His head exploded.

Apparently Dinah was going to have to find a new boyfriend. One who wasn't just standing there staring in disbelief.

Dinah waited. Okay. Kyle looked like he was having an absence seizure, so.

"Is that look because you don't believe me, or, um. Because you do?"


Good question.

Very good question.

Kyle didn't know, precisely, so he just stood there a bit more.

Sighing, Dinah went over to the staircase to call up, "Helena! I broke Kyle! Come here and help!"

Helena swung down the spiral staircase and landed on both feet, studying Kyle, then shaking her head. "I told you to write it in a note, not in person."

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