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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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New Gotham Metro Hospital, Friday
Bored. Bored bored bored bored bored boredboredboredboredboredboredboredbored

Dinah's phone rang. "I am monitoring your vitals," Barbara told her without saying hello. "If you try to get out of bed again, I'm sending Helena over to handcuff your other arm to the bed."

Hospitals sucked. Even if your big sister wasn't Big Brother.

[expecting two, but open for phone calls and e-mails and other visits.]

Raven and Karla had been planning a night in together, but after they'd heard about Dinah's injuries, they'd moved their plans to Gotham. But that hadn't stopped Raven from taking a quick trip to Europe to gather up some of the best chocolate she could find. Azar knew they needed it.

Checking in at the front desk was for normal people. Raven teleported herself and Karla directly to Dinah's room. "Hello, Dinah," she said, though her smile faded a bit when she felt her injuries.

"Kiss kiss!" Karla had also gone all out with the refreshments. There were a few bottles of Kaeleeran red, some honey-pear cordial, and some more higher end snacky things, like fancy cheeses and crackers.

Hey. They all earned it, between last weekend and Dinah's...whatever.

"You look awful!"

Always good to see you, too, Karla.

"You're heeere!" They'd eased up on the drugs a little, but there was still a slur to some of Dinah's words, a little glassiness around the eyes. "I'm so so so glad because this is the most boring prison I've ever been in. I would rather be in Arkham, I do not lie. You guys look great." She beamed at them. "Did you bring me get-well-prezzies there?"

"I brought very expensive chocolate," Raven said, holding up her bag. "From Italy! It is supposed to be the best in the world."

She looked Dinah over. "Are you certain we cannot heal you? I do not like to see a friend suffering needlessly."

"I'm going to check you out," Karla announced, holding up the honey-pear cordial. "I trust me more than I trust them."

And if she found anything, she was going to Heal it and then raise holy Hell.

...She hadn't quite thought that one through.

"Okeeey," Dinah said, looking agreeable. And limp. "I love you guys. Chocolate and is Kaeleer wine and yourselves. So I don't die of bored or trying to stand up." She sighed and settled back, then concentrated, pulling up chairs for them. "Sit anywhere. The bed too, if you want. Nothing hurts."

For a given value of 'nothing'. Everything was sore, she'd had a headache for almost 48 hours now, and she couldn't take too deep a breath or the ribs protested. "I think they got everything.... Wait, how would you 'splain that?"

"I could heal more people in the hospital," Raven said helpfully, settling in a chair. "So you will not stand out."

Hey, it made sense to her.

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And hopefully Dinah hadn't switched off her ringer because this time it was Momoko calling.


If it sounded concerned and slightly jealous put out? Total coincidence.

The headache going down and the chocolate being taken helped, so Dinah was relatively upbeat when she answered. "Hey, Momoko. How goes the new job?"

See how she turned that around? See?

Momoko snorted.

"TELL ME EVERYTHING and maybe I won't come there and lecture you on hero safety 101. Maybe."

See how she turned that around?

"Maaaan," Dinah muttered, and sighed, sinking back into the pillows. "Um. Okay. Remember Poison Ivy? She broke out, oh, seven months ago, around the time of that fashion show?"

Momoko thought back a moment. "Ivy... Wasn't that the crazy meta lady that likes plants? you have one in the museum, right?"

"Right," Dinah confirmed. "She still does. She's set up shop somewhere in Robinson Park, which, if it weren't three square miles of greenery, would be a lot easier to find her in, but... anyway. She hypnotized a half-dozen lab techs at S.T.A.R. Labs to bring her a neurotoxin. Helena and I were chasing them down, because she couldn't want it for anything good, and she was probably going to poison the water supply. With me so far?"

"If I had been with you, you wouldn't be in the hospital." There was massive eye-rolling in Tokyo City. "But I understand the story so far, yes," she chuckled. "Crazy meta steals poison. Good guys give chase..."

Dinah eyerolled back at her. "I was there with Helena! And Jason was on his way, but... anyway. We got three restrained, so Helena was fighting two, and I was fighting one who had a vial of toxin, on top of that walkway between the Metro station and the park. It's about two, two and a half stories up." She sighed, rubbing her head. "He had a bike chain, and I couldn't hurt him too bad-- at least, I didn't want to, it wasn't his fault." She grimaced, closing her eyes. "And he tackled me, and before I could air walk or catch him or catch us, he and I and the case were falling, and I managed to grab the edge, but before I could figure out which thing to let go of and which thing to catch with telekinesis, my hand slipped and we all fell. There."


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