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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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E-mail, Thursday morning, New Gotham Metro Hospital
TO: Dinah's friend's list
FROM: PI2B@newgothamu.edu
RE: don't freak out...

but, there was a tiny accident while i was doing the usual stuff last night. i'll be out of the hospital day after tomorrow. concussion, broken wrist, 2 broken ribs, broken ankle. [typing w/pen]

i was never in any life-threatening danger, so don't get 2 worried. it'll be about 6 weeks before most of it's fine, so all the casts come off around halloween. i still want you guys 2 visit me then.

so, how's it going with you/


[open for e-mails, phone calls to stoned!Dinah, or visits if you're in New Gotham.]

TO: PI2B@newgothamu.edu
FROM: dontcallmespeedy@gmail.com
SUBJECT: RE: don't freak out...



TO: dontcallmespeedy@gmail.com
FROM: PI2B@newgothamu.edu
RE: don't freak out...

we told the ER guys I fell off my bike. kinda fell off an overpass. same thing/


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TO: PI2B@newgothamu.edu
FROM: tehsoux@gmail.com
SUBJECT: RE: don't freak out...

You know, you're really really really really really really really really not allowed to get injured when I'm halfway around the world. NOT ALLOWED. I'm going to get Alfred to ground you for FIVE BILLION MONTHS.

Eat cookies and feel better. And no more riding on tops of trains, which I will assume is what you did until you tell me otherwise.


FROM: tehsoux@gmail.com
FROM: PI2B@newgothamu.edu
SUBJECT: RE: don't freak out...

lotta reallys[ no shift key, would be exclamation there.

i got pushed off an overpass, not my fAULT yay CAPSLOCK.

zagged when should have zigged. stupid guy hurt worse, i landed on him, owie.

no grounding111111111. poison ivy's fault. not mine. sorry/

where r u/ not in jail. hope you're OK


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TO: PI2B@newgothamu.edu
FROM: raven@fandomhigh.net
RE: don't freak out...

What happened??? I will come heal you!

TO: raven@fandomhigh.net
FROM: PI2B@newgothamu.edu
RE: don't freak out...

i was in a fight with a guy poison ivy hypnotized, and there was a poison vial, and me, and him, on an overpass. and i couldn't keep all of us in the air at the same time when we fell off the walkway.

better not heal all of me because the er people have records now, but i am bored bored bored if you want to visit and stoned stoned stoned so hey. it is cheating but i wouldn't mind if you wanted to but maybe not the ankle, that is really owie.

miss uuuu


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TO: PI2B@newgothamu.edu
FROM: hfpeters@rupture.edu
RE: don't freak out...


Can you have cupcakes? (Gotta ask. Was stupid and sent them to Chuck when he got shot...in the stomach.)


TO: hfpeters@rupture.edu
FROM: PI2B@newgothamu.edu
RE: don't freak out...

yes YAY CUPCAKES. tHEY whoops. they gave me the good drugs, so it doesn't hurt much now. but i would love cupcakes, hospital food is bleah. h[[[[hugs you]]]]

i fought a hypnotized guy and we fell off a metro walkway because i can't juggle when i'm falling. [there were no cars. pedestrian walkway. onto sidewalk.]

yay francine


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TO: PI2B@newgothamu.edu
FROM: sjwinch@columbia.edu
RE: don't freak out...

Maybe it's just me, but anything that causes that much damage has to include life-threatening danger! Maybe being so hurt will keep you out of trouble for a while.

Things are going well here, for the most part. I'm taking an extra class at the all-girls sister college to us and I'm the only guy in there. Very awkward. Peter's good too, and we miss seeing you.

Stay safe, please!

TO: sjwinch@columbia.edu
FROM: PI2B@newgothamu.edu
RE: don't freak out...

maybe at the time, sure. but once I got to the hospital it was all good.

6weeks is TOO LONG.

miss you guys 2, come for a visit. maybe halloween or sometime. you still acting/ no play for me this semester, boooooo.

u stay safe 2


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TO: PI2B@newgothamu.edu
FROM: karla@fandomhigh.net
RE: don't freak out...


No, seriously Dinah! WHAT HAPPENED?!

TO: karla@fandomhigh.net
FROM: PI2B@newgothamu.edu
RE: don't freak out...

we were fighting poison ivy's guys, i am ok, i swear. he had a bike chain and a toxin vial and i got a little distracted when he tackled me, that's all.

we were on that covered walkway between the park and the metro and we fell about twenty-three feet or so and i landed on him. his legs are both broken.

it would be 2 hard 2 explain if i was all ok suddenly now that there are hospital records and doctors and stuff. raven thought maybe you guys could visit though. double-check/ make sure nothing got missed maybe, you think

i hate daytime tv except LAW AND ORDER SUV. my leg itches and i can't reach.

i am ok. see/


TO: PI2B@newgothamu.edu
CC: heromaniac@TCNatSciLab.jp
FROM: Akatsutsumi.Momoko@keishicho.metro.tokyoc.jp
RE: FW: don't freak out...

ARE YOU REALLY OKAY?! Can't call you, am at work... have to go help with tourists in a few minutes. Tell me it wasn't the train again??? Do I need to 'talk' to those friends of yours?!


FROM: PI2B@newgothamu.edu
SUBJECT: don't freak out...

Edited at 2011-09-15 08:22 pm (UTC)

TO: heromaniac@TCNatSciLab.jp, Akatsutsumi.Momoko@keishicho.metro.tokyoc.jp
FROM: PI2B@newgothamu.edu
RE: don't freak out...

yes am fine, promise promise. stupid metro walkway and stupid hypnotized henchman 9poor guy0. helena furious and sad at me and her but mostly poison ivy.

yay workkkkk


There was a soft knock at the door. Kyle was there. With a small bouquet and a worried expression.

"Hey," he called softly.

Was she awake?

"Heeeeey." She was awake. Mostly. Kind of stoned. Bruised. Scraped. But happy to see him. "It's my Kyle! Hi, Kyle."

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