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surprisedfear, scared
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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New Gotham, Robinson Park - Broadway Metro Overpass, Wednesday night
So, the minion of Poison Ivy (who'd been on the loose for over six months and hadn't surfaced to the point where they could track her in all that time) -- a guy who'd been brainwashed, hypnotized, and talked into being stupid, had climbed up on the overpass foot-bridge that connected Robinson Park to the Metro station. In one hand, a very damaging neurotoxin he'd just stolen from one of the S.T.A.R. Labs branches; in the other, a bike chain.

Dinah was not having the best night ever. Helena was currently engaged in fending off two other brainwashed security guys, inside the walkway just below her feet. What they lacked in superpowers they made up for in sheer determination, kevlar body armor, and craziness. Helena and Dinah were also at the disadvantage of not wanting to hurt guys who'd be kicking themselves tomorrow when Ivy's poison kisses wore off.

Okay, objective 1: get the neurotoxin. Objective 2: restrain guy without hurting him.

Yanking it out of his hand with TK was hampered by his grip on the vial, and trying to concentrate with a bike chain coming for her face. So what ensued was hand-to-hand for the most part, punching, kicking, and shoving while always keeping one eye on that little black case.

"C'mon, you know she's got a million guys working for her--"

"The Mistress will reward me! We will bring Gotham into the Garden of Eden!"

"By killing half the population! Please!" Dinah ducked and then kicked out, finally getting him off-balance enough to grab the toxin's case. "Yes!"

"Nooooooo!" Screaming, the brainwashed minion threw the bike chain, and then himself at Dinah.

Objective 1: accomplished. Objective 2: ....

In fifteen seconds that felt like a split-second, Dinah was dangling from the overpass, one hand holding onto a strut, another hand holding onto her assailant, and the TK holding onto the case.

"...ohhhh shit." It didn't help that he kept struggling. How high up were they? Twenty feet? Twenty-five? "Not gonna die. I can do this. Not gonna--"

Given another thirty seconds, she probably could have figured out how to air-walk herself down, restrain the brainwashed lab tech, and hang onto the case.

Her hand slipped. And all three went plunging toward Broadway.

[NFI, NFB, OOC = <3, TBC tomorrow.]