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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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The Clocktower, New Gotham, Monday evening
A small break night tonight; Dinah had taken a spill off her motorcycle yesterday, and had a small case of road rash that made wearing armor... ouchy.

So tonight she was staying in, speaking Spanish to Barbara, and getting the big Delphi Circuit mapping capabilities explained to her.

[expecting one, but open for phone calls before and after]

This time there was actually a legitimate reason for landing on the balcony to knock - Blossom didn't want people to see her. She wasn't sure how people would react to someone grey with black eyes and really sharp nails. Luckily, transforming into Blossom got rid of the last of her tail, or she'd probably have cried.

She was about to knock, then realized she hadn't called. Again. So she dug her phone out...

*ring ring* Dinah...

"Hellloooo, Momoko," Dinah sang out as she brought up new overlays to the maps. "Whatcha up to, hon? How's Fandom?"

"Uhm. Well, there was this thing... and stuff? Some of us got this... infection or something, but now everything is getting back to normal. I think they're at Eurodisney or something?" Blossom sighed, fiddling with her phone dangle. "And I'm up to about the 5, I think?"

"Infection?!" Dinah stood up, violently reminded of two years ago this August. "Oh, hon. Wait, 5? Five what?"

"Uhm, before I tell you? I'm totally okay, okay? Even if I don't look like it? I mean, it's totally better than two days ago and the tail is gone and I'm not crazy anymore..."

"MOMOKO!" Dinah was up and pacing now, and shaking her finger even though her friend couldn't see it. "You were sick and you didn't call and you were crazy and I didn't get to help and you better tell me what I can do right now, young lady!"

Blossom winced. "Uhm. Open the clockface door and not freak out?"

Dinah hurried over to do just that, hanging up as she went, then stared as soon as the door was open. She couldn't help it. "Oh, Momoko."


Careful of the still-sharp nails, Blossom hugged Dinah back. A bit tighter than normal, which may give a hint that she was still a bit upset. "I called first this time," she sniffled, trying not to full-out cry.

"You did!" Dinah hugged her back tighter in reaction, then pulled back just enough to see Momoko's face, her hand tracing the changed features in front of her skin. "Does it hurt, still?"

"No. It really didn't hurt except at first. It's more... What happened when I was a full monster." Blossom tried a grin, but even she could tell it was one of her weakest. "You missed the tail?"

Dinah tugged her inside, and called up to Barbara, "Momoko's here, she's gonna spend the night I think."

"Okay! Hi, Momoko." Barbara didn't even look up from the computer-- but she'd probably seen Momoko on the external monitors already.

"...what happened? And was having a tail fun, at least?" Dinah asked, guiding her toward the kitchen, and ice cream.

"Hello Ms Barbara. I'm really sorry for always intruding!" She took a moment to transform back to Momoko, checking eagerly for perhaps something else going back to normal... but no. "Uhm. Not at all? I used it to... stun squirrels."

"Ohhh man," Dinah said quietly, one arm still around Momoko's shoulders until they reached the fridge. She dug out two pints of Ben & Jerry's, and TK'd spoons to them from the drawer. She patted Momoko's head and said, "Um. I'm guessing they got back up? At least?" She pulled up stools from the breakfast bar. "What caused this?" She frowned. "Did anyone get badly hurt?"

Hopefully Dinah's pint wasn't strawberry or cherry. Momoko set her spoon on the lid of her ice cream and pushed it slightly away. "No, they didn't," she said, quietly. "I ate them. And some rabbits, alots, flamingos, a fox... And some of the other monsters."

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