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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Chilly Boulder, Sunday afternoon
"So. You've seen Vikings," Dinah said to Kyle. "And, uh. Other stuff. Now do you believe this place is kinda weird?"

"It could be special effects..." Kyle didn't sound like he believed himself, though.

[ooc: for the boyfriend, and any friends who want to help break his brain while eating ice cream.]

"Kiss kiss!" Karla called, sticking her head into Chilly Boulder's doors. "Did you guys have lunch with the Vikings today? I need to get Eric to teach me their language! I bet they have amazing curses!"

As she spoke, she crossed to their table--standing about three feet above the ground.

Welcome to Fandom, Kyle!

Kyle stared. Ice cream ran down his hand. "Could you always do that?" he asked, eyes wide. "...lunch with Vikings?"

"No, no," Karla said, deliberately misunderstanding. "This is the first time that I had lunch with Vikings."

For one thing, Eric didn't eat. Especially not in the middle of the day.

"Kyle? Um. Karla's got superpowers." Or, well, to be totally accurate... "Okay, Karla's got magic." She paused. "Surprise?"

"Now you tell me," Kyle said, blinking, and finally wiping up his arm, staring at Karla in fascination. "How are you doing that? You can fly?"

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Momoko was not going to ask where her family was. She had a suspicion they were at the giant viking party thing, but she totally wasn't going to go looking; Miyako would make sure they stayed safe.

Instead she was heading into the Boulder for some totally well deserved ice cream.

"And make it a double!" She said to the clerk behind the counter, who raised an eyebrow since, for Momoko, that meant four scoops. "Hey! My parents are here!"

She discovered the extra gummies as she crossed the store to find a seat.

"DINAAAAH! They're still heeeere! Ah! Kyle? Hi!" She looked over at Dinah. Kyle was on the island?

Kyle was getting his brain broken on the island. He gave Momoko a weak smile, and waved. "Hey, Momoko. Congratulations. Or. Whatever."

Momoko joined them, totally uninvited but hopefully that was okay?

"Thank you! Were you here for the, uhm, whole ceremony or did you just get here?" She tried to act non-chalant as she dug into her HUGE ice cream. If he was here, he probably knew some stuff about the island right?

"I was," Kyle said, nodding slowly. He gave a mildly shell-shocked grin. "They had great helmets? Those, uh. Guests?"

"I should totally wear the one that Dinah sent me last year. Maybe I'll fit in so well, my family won't find me." Momoko gave a small chuckle and shrugged her shoulders. "Stuff like that happens sometimes here. Welcome to Fandom Island! Watch for falling invasions!"

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Raven was quite the social butterfly this day, between the meadfest in the park, Triela's party, and in between, stopping to see Dinah and Kyle at the Chilly Boulder.

"Hello, Dinah, hello, Kyle," she greeted them as she came inside.

"Ice cream time," Dinah sang out. Kyle gave Raven a smile and a speculative look, since this was the first time she'd seen her since she'd reportedly, well. Died. "I can't believe the raiders brought mead!"

"It was very good," Raven said with a bit of a tipsy smile. "I have never had anything like it."

Dinah stared, then managed a small facepalm. "Um, Raven? How much did you have?"

"Several?" Raven said, trying to remember. "There was very little I could eat."

So she had to drink instead, logically.

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