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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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The Clocktower, New Gotham City
Alfred, Barbara, cake, Dick, friends, Gabby, Helena, ice cream, jujubes, Kyle....

So, Dinah had an almost alphabetic list of things to be thankful for on her 19th birthday. Including tickets to a bike rally next week, and a promise from Jason that maybe they'd enter one of the races.

Yay birthday!

[open for phone calls, e-mails and/or visits]

"No Santa, no Easter Bunny... Do you have anything real that gives presents for kids? I mean, it's awesome that grown-ups help, but it's totally sad! Why do you keep the stories if they aren't real?"

"Um, not that I know of.... and I guess, because they were partly true, a long time ago? Tradition." Dinah smiled a little, scooping up a bite of cake. "Santa Claus was Saint Nicholas, and he was a real guy, but he died about four hundred years ago or something. He did give presents to kids. So I guess in Holland they just kept it up, and said it was 'Santa Claus.'" She tilted her head. "And maybe it makes being a little kid easier? If you can believe there's magic, well... the world isn't so scary."

Momoko fell back to lay on the bed as Dinah explained. She'd thought it was sad that there were worlds without Santa, but to have worlds where he'd died?!

"I can see that. About the magic? And you do live in a scarier world than mine." Which should mean they would be the one to keep their Santa, but apparently life wasn't fair in any world.

"It still is totally not fair, but at least they get something."

"Yeeeeah," Dinah agreed. "But ... if a kid has to lose a tooth, and you give them money for it, then it makes it not so traumatic, you know? I guess they just took it a step farther with the Tooth Fairy." She smiled sadly. "And hey. In some worlds, superheroes aren't real either, I'd guess. The ones that don't have a New Gotham or a Tokyo City. We could be doing worse."

"Whoa whoa. There's a fairy that delivers teeth?"

Dinah laughed. "There's supposed to be a fairy who gives you money for your teeth-- I think I got fifty cents each, but you know, that was twelve years or so, and I'm sure with inflation... anyway. You put the tooth under the pillow, and when you wake up, there's money."

Her voice dropped off, and slowed. Pam had done that. By the time Dinah was older, there hadn't been any fairy stories, or Santa Claus. But Pam had been-- decent. At that part of being a mom. She shook her head.

"Anyway, also not real. It's the parents. I think that's it for lies parents tell kids... Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy.... um. Yeah, I can't think of any others for holidays."

"And you guys think my world is weird," Momoko chuckled. "But enough about crazy lies, tell me something true: Are you totally having fun today? And did Mister Alfred make you a cake? If he did, you're totally saving me a huge piece, you know!"

"I am! And he did! Red Velvet with chocolate creme icing, and I loooove it." She gave a guilty glance to the cake plate. "... if it doesn't last, he'll make another one the next time you're here, swear."

"... You're totally eating the last of it now, aren't you?"

"It's my birthday," Dinah tried pitifully. The crumbly giggles probably weren't convincing, though. But seriously, who could resist more ALfred-Cake? C'mon!